Does It Bother You Too??

by kelpie 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • Buster

    I think it is natural people to try to attach importance to the times in which they live. Just about every age of mankind has been expecting the desctruction of the wicked system of things, and the return of Christ ever since Christ left. I would like to suggest a book: "The Sign of the Last Days - When" Essentially, it goes thru the signs of the days of the end and takes a closer look at the prevalence of those signes over the past 2000 years - as well as history can record at least. It also spends some effort discuusing why it is htat people feel that the 'signs' we see today seem so much more acute. Its a pretty quick read - unless you get all bogged down in stats - in which case you can take as long as you want.

    Once you read it, you may walk around with the same 'phhhhtttt' attitude I have. (maybe that isn't such a good thing)

    I got mine from Commentary Press.

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