Does It Bother You Too??

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  • musky

    It bothers me less now. It occured to me that the witnesses have been saying that the end is near, since 1879. They have always pointed to one thing or another ( wars, immorality,etc.) and said, " see, that just proves we are near armageddon." There is even a witness poster here that has talked about the stock market demise. When the stock market gets back on its feet, then something else will be pointed at.

    I DO believe that our heavenly father will put an end to our world as we know it. I understand it may not happen in my lifetime. Or it may happen tomorrow. But how can the watchtower take credit and say "I told you so", when they have constantly said it for so many years. Its no different than me saying, tomorrow the USA invades Iraq. I will just keep on posting it everyday , until someday, if it happens, I will say, I told you so!

  • outoftheorg

    Hi Kelpie.

    One of my daughters recieved the same kind of statements from a friend of hers still in the troof.

    It helped her and it may help you to undrstand why they will say such things to you. These people are struggling within their minds with the conflicting teaching that, all is soon to be destroyed and the current events prove this will take place soon. However the supressed knowledge that this does not agree with the real life events and knowledge they recieve from other reliable sources in their lives, creates the mental chaos that has been labeled "cognitive dissonance" by the psychiatric comunity.

    If these people can get others to believe and act on the the erroneous beliefs of the wbts and come back to the troof, this becomes for them, a form of proof to them that the beliefs are correct and vindicates their keeping and believing these beliefs. This sort of works like "if all these others believe it, it must be true''. From this they get the needed comfort to continue living in the uncomfortable situation of "cognitive dissonance".

    You may have noticed an unusual amount of emotion when these people deliver their message to you. Emotion that is not entirely appropriate to the situation. This results from the urgency of their need to justify their own actions of supporting these beliefs that they, at a supressed level do not truely trust themselves.

    Hope this helps--Outoftheorg

  • DJ

    Hi Kelpie,

    I know exactly what you mean. My sister just today told me that we live in "critical times which are hard to deal with" I simply agreed with her. As far as I'm concerned that is true but it has nothing to do with the JW's and their false teachings. Most Christians are aware that we are living in the last days. It was said in the bible 2000 years ago. We have been in the last days since Christ. This is nothing new and we are always to be ready. 1914 is a lie. The JW's have more false teachings and false predictions than any other religion that I am aware of. I would urge you to do the research. I left the WT without the computer, so now it is much easier to do the research. Once you get a better understanding of the false teachings and come to grip with your own understanding about what the bible teaches......the fear will leave you. Check out a few sites as well as this one.....try or even listen to some testimonies from former witnesses at there are more at Of course, the most important thing is to pray and tell God that you are confused and frightened, he already knows anyway!! He will guide you. The holy spirit is not in the watchtower guiding them. You may receive the holy spirit in your own home simply by asking for it. This is in the bible and even their bible. They just seem to ignore that part. My best to you. Just seek and you shall find. Love, Dj

  • SixofNine

    Nope, doesn't bother me. 'Cuz they're NOT right, and of course I'm gonna die. If I didn't, I'd be the first.

  • onacruse

    SoxofNine: "...and of course I'm gonna die. If I didn't, I'd be the first."

    Hebrews 9:27 "Just as man is destined to die once...

    I can face that.

    ...and after that to face judgment"

    I can face that too.

    DJ: "Just seek and you shall find."

    What God reveals to us individually, and what we discover in ourselves, varies. And we may very well discover a simpler way of seeing life. Ocham's razor.


  • barry

    Gday Kelpie, The JWs arent the only ones who talk about the end the Apostals thought the end would come in there day, the Catholics thought the end or second comming would occure in 1000 ad , the Ana Baptists thought they would be taken to heaven if they didnt take up arms and were slaughtered. Adventists and JWs have made dates for the end to come all have been proven wrong. The scripture in mathew is not a checklist of world events we check off to predict the end. The only sign to the end there is that the gospel is to be preached in the whole world and then the end would come. I beleive apocalyptic in the scriptures is a message of deliverance but has been used to create fear and control in people. As christians we shouldnt even fear the last judgement because the righteousness that is by faith gives us the verdict of the last judgement right now. Barry

  • Jesika

    Honestly, the thought crosses my mind, but that is due to YEARS of mind control!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hit the "ignore button"!!!!!

  • Windchaser

    ((((((ona & biker)))))) Just had to give you two another hug. You make a whole lotta sense, ona.

  • benext

    I was baptized in 1975 because I didn't want to die. I figure I'm already 27 years ahead of the game.

  • mamashel

    Hello dear. Sometimes the fear that the organization uses can be very overwhelming, and it takes time to get your mind reprogrammed. And sometimes it takes more time for some than others. I personally dont feel that way any more, but my hubby does alittle when things go crazy in our house. But that is all just a part of life. Dont focus to much on those things, try to focus on what you are learning and keep it in the front of your mind. It is also hard when you have relatives that are still in and they are pulling on you, we have family still in too. Be strong, and it will be alright.


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