Will You Celebrate Halloween This Year?

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  • Xander

    our boys are older so they are not into costumes

    You know, I always thought that, too.

    But, it occurs to me....Halloween costumes don't HAVE to be all 'kiddy'....

    'Grown-up' costumes

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  • dsgal

    I've already got my porch and yard all decked out and I'm going to have a huge bowl of candy to give out.No more answering the door and telling the kiddies"We're not having Halloween".

  • ShaunaC

    While a JW, Halloween was the holiday I abhored the most, followed closely by Christmas cuz those damn songs would get stuck in my head! :)

    Now however, I think I love Halloween the most. It's true that adults can have just as much fun dressing up as children do. I start planning my costume late summer. And with the fear of demons that the WT instilled in me gone, I no longer get freaked out by the ghosts and goblins. Who cares? It's all make-believe.

    So this will be my 3rd Halloween. My first....the sluttiest red devil you have ever seen (thought it was fitting for my 1st), last year....hot biker chick (leather & tattoos, yeah!!!), and this year...dominatrix (dying to wear a black wig and drag my man around by a chain).

    The point is, it does not have to be as serious as the WT told us. Have fun with it!!!

  • Xander


    /me sense a new "'Grown-up Halloween' picture thread"


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  • SpannerintheWorks

    Oh, shit! I was getting all Halloweenery and all that. Thinking that it would be great to take my two daughters for a FUN night out when I realised that my ( JW ) wife is going to stay with her ( JW ) sister that week and taking the girls with her!

    I wonder if it was planned?

    Anyway, I'll ask her, and I'll ring her next Thursday and see "what they are doing..." that day.


  • Dismembered
    Will You Celebrate Halloween This Year?

    Yes. With lots of lights on and plenty of candy for the kids. Jdubs eat schnip.


  • troucul

    mad props to reagan fo da post, yo
    laughed my ass off....hey reagan where do I sign up fo dat church da jc?

    with my mind on my money and my money on my mind
    laid back with my gin an' juice

  • Lost Diamond
    Lost Diamond

    I still don't have the desire to celebrate any holiday.....

  • shera

    Yes,I'm taking my kids out.Can't let them miss out on all that candy ,and those nites when I have a craving for chocolate.

    I just don't dress my kids in anything evil.My son is going to be a ninga and my youngest daughter is going to be a bunnie...you know those thick costumes with a full body.LOL she is going to be so cute.

    Personally,I just don't care where it came from and who started and what it means,its just a day for kids to have fun.

  • nancee park
    nancee park

    CHRISTIAN, NOT PAGAN, ORIGINS FOR HALLOWEEN: Halloween came from All Hallows (Holy Ones/Saints) Evening when parents had children dress as saints to encourage them to be good, the normally harmless pranks coming from Ireland where perhaps taken from pagans even as also are wedding rings, names of days, months, some Christian names in the Bible like Apollos and Jason. Why does the Watchtower Society over Jehovah's Witnesses call holidays "compromises" since such holidays attacked and replaced paganisms, especially since Colossians 2:16 says let none judge you about a holiday or Sabbaths? Sure some now wear costumes of beings even devils we would not want ourselves or our children to be like and so this holiday is rightly still a matter of conscience for each of us just as Romans 14:6 also says, something Watchtower doesn't care for.

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