I married a stranger, did you?

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    YOU DARN TOOTIN I MARRIED A STRANGER and to find out he was a pervert too was such a shock I doubt LINDA LOU AKA QUEENIE will ever get over it totally..PEACE (((hugs)))) QUEENIE

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    ballistic (and animal): Thanks for the clarification. I didn't express myself well. No intention to imply anything about either of you...I was speaking about my own experience.


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    What a great thread.You are so fortunate that your wife felt the same way.I wish my husband would come around.I have been out for 4 years,but he's still going strong.It's tough when you have kids,and I have 3.He makes them go to most meetings and it makes me feel helpless.I usually don't say much because it causes a fight,and I had enough of that growing up.My husbands a good guy,we've been married 15 years,it's just that he's so blinded by the org.

    Congrats on your soon to be new addition to your family.Kids are awesome....as much as they can bring frustration in your life,they bring you so much joy as well.Good luck to you and wife.

    And to orangefatcat,I'm sorry you spent so much of your life in a crazy marriage.My mom married my stepfather after knowing him for 2 weeks.My mom had 4 kids at the time(ages 2,9,11,and 14),and he had 3(ages 1,5,and 7).His wife had died the year before during childbirth(bled to death),and all the sisters in the cong were tired of taking care of him and his kids,so they needed to find a wife for him.Since there were no takrs in his hall,they looked around til they found my mom.4 weeks after meeting,the wedding was held at the kingdom hall and that's when the craziness began.This man was an undiagnosed manic depressive bi-polar.He was abusive(obviously totally overwhelmed with this new situation,9 people under one roof,which happened to be a 3 bedroom ranch!),unpredictable,and made our lives a living hell.I can't tell you how many times the elders were at my house,telling my mom that she just had to be more submissive and everything would be fine.God forbid they thought the man needed professional help.My mom spent so many unhappy years with that man because of the elders(she finally divorced him after 16 years)......I will never forgive the elders for that....ever.I have a hard time forgiving my mom for what she put us through also,but she was just trying to be a good Jehovah's witness(which she still is,very devout).Everyone told her he was sooo wonderful,after all the poor man lost his wife.....so she belived them and didn't get to know him well first.Any way,that's part of my story,just wanted you to know I can understand a little.It's amazing how a person can trick so many people into thinking they're sane,but show their true colors at home.

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    I dated my husband 3 1/2 years and we were still strangers when we married 36 years ago.

    My mother-in-law on the other hand, knew my father-in-law two weeks before they got married. It was not even enough time for her to tell him that she had two kids! LOL! After the wedding she said, by the way................

    They have been married 57 miserable years now.


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    Kenpo CONGRATS! first on your long and wonderful marriage, it does take work and doesn't seem like work when you both have common goals, hopes and desires.
    Second CONGRATS! on the arrival of your son Logan (cute name)! Children are truely a blessing I wish the best for you and your new family.

    When I married my X-husband we had dated for 4 years at a very young age. This was during the time the Society said you should be engaged if you are dating.....we had a long engagement. I didn't know him well even after dating for so long. After 30+ years of marriage the game plan with him changed as often as the weather. In hindsight it was a very unstable relationship a lot due to immaturity and eventually we just out grew each other. Not having what I needed to have during that whole LONG time helped me to know clearly what I needed in a man and helped me to do alot of personal growth regardless of the situation I was in.

    Fast forward to today and my meeting my soul mate....Craig (onacruse) I just absolutely KNEW he was the one! Just like a bolt outa the blue! Now I am planning to marry the man of my dreams and life now makes sense and is worth all the lessons I've learned even the hard ones. Am I marring a stranger.......NO, I am marring an extention of me someone I know as well as I know my own name. I am the luckiest woman in the universe! I love you Craig!

    bc (of the I love onacruse class)

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    Great story, Kenpo. Love to hear stuff like that.


    with guys like these, what's your problem?



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