I married a stranger, did you?

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  • Carmel

    Just glad I left the troof before I started courting! Now she and I give our kids a 240 question questionaire to complete with their prospective spouse. If they don't know each other before the "test" they sure as hell do by the time they are finished. So far two have decided not to marry the person they were interested in part way through the exercize. Seems they became aware of things they couldn't live with the rest of their lives.


  • Brandy5


    congratulations on the up coming birth.Do you have a name picked out for the baby? I think it is WONDERFUL that both you and your wife were able to leave at the same time. You are both blessed.

    I'm new & not sure if I have the right post. Was your mom DF'ed and not able to attened your wedding? Is she a JW today or is she still free?



  • emancipated

    i married a stranger but grew to love each other more and more as the years went by. Now she is my best friend and lover as well.

  • kenpodragon


    My mom was df'ed when we were married, but back in now. My son's name will be Logan.

    Take Care


  • larc

    Carmel, now that is something, a questionaire to have the prospective marriage partners fill out. Sounds like a good idea to me. How did you get your hands on such a psycometric device?

  • rem


    I almost had that. My wife and I left the truth together. I know how good that feels. I thought we were perfect for each other. She didn't. She left me a few months ago and we are now divorcing. Damn, I almost had the world. I did have it for a while.

    Cherish what you've got, man. I'm truly happy for you. Congrats on your baby too!


  • onacruse

    kenpo: You keep on posting such meaningful topics, pretty soon you'll own this board!

    "We just needed to find "us" first before we realize we knew "them""

    Only took me 50 years to get to this point, and still on-a-cruse (now with first mate Katie )

    Dede: "it was like we were destined to find each other in someway"

    Same here. Meeting Katie was a bolt-out-of-the-clear-blue-sky.

    shera: "I'm a 50-50 gal"

    It shouldn't be any other way, except perhaps 100-100 guy/gal.

    Farkel: "I learned all of this after I royally fucked up my own dub marriage."

    Same here. I do, and yet don't, regret the foolish mistakes I made with my 2 JW wives. They were as kind and loving as they could be, and so was I. Life goes on.

    animal & ballistic: Your experiences with alcohol are very much like my own, and one of the reasons that my first 2 marriages were such a struggle. I joined AA, and was clean and sober for almost 6 years. The addictive mentality continued, though, because I was still trying to be a JW. Now I'm sober, even though I still drink.

    footprints: "Life is as good as you are willing to let it be, it's up to you."

    So easy to say, so hard to do!

    orangefatcat: "But all is wonderful now and that is all that matters."


    yumbyy: "We are truly soul mates. I am glad every day that we are married. I can say with no reservations that my husband is one of the greatest souls of this planet. I'm all for love at first sight."

    "Soul mates" is a term I never used, or felt, until I met Katie (bikerchic). I am now a true believer. Such things do happen, even to such hapless souls as me.


    kenpo: Thank you for this topic. It touches my heart.


  • kenpodragon
    You keep on posting such meaningful topics, pretty soon you'll own this board!

    I am just a visitor like the rest, to the play ground hosted by Simon

    My thought


  • ballistic

    Onacruse, I was just saying that alcohol featured largely in my life as a student and for a period after. I don't think I had an addiction as such.

  • Wolfgirl

    I'm so glad to hear that it worked out well for you, kenpodragon.

    My first marriage started very similarly to yours. I didn't really know him when we married. I knew there was trouble in the first couple of months. We argued about lots of little things (things we didn't know about each other before we got married because we didn't live with each other), and I found out he wasn't all "sweetness and light" as he appeared before we were married. One year and plenty of emotional abuse later, I divorced him.

    I am now remarried to a wonderful man who was never a JW. (He's athiest.) We lived together for a year before we got married. It was perfect for learning all we needed to know about each other. We've never had an argument. We've had disagreements, but never a full-blown argument. We've always been able to just talk to each other about whatever we disagree about, and I've never been so happy in my life.

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