The Elder That Masturbated

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  • GermanXJW

    The reason for this ban is making people guilty.

    Everybody does it, so everybody feels guilty and keeps silent.

  • Goshawk


    Another way to look at this is from the conspiracy angle.

    Maybe he was just a shill to get all you others to fess up.

  • Amazing

    Hi Minimus: I have experienced and known of all kinds of things in the JW religion ... but this one takes the cake ... holy mother of god ... the Elder was likely emotionally broken from guilt and didn't think about where he was or what he was saying ... this is incredible ... at least the CO broke up the meeting rather than scold the guy in front of everyone ... I have seen CO's scold Elders at KM school ... thanks for the story.

  • butalbee

    LOL@this thread. Yes, and believe the elder and the striper had their bible studies in her bed, he taught her a little something, and she taught him something else.

  • Dismembered

    Footprints said

    Jehovah doesnt kill people for masturbating. But he has promised to put an end to people who try to impose their personal views on Jesus sheep.

    Touche Footprints well said


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