Would you all just stop and take a deep breath?

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  • mouthy

    There was an old woman who lived in POO..oops sorry I meant a shoe-

    Thank you all so much for sticking up for me..The love I get from this board is overwhelming...

    Donna ((HUG)).

    Brummie ((hug))

    No Sunstarr it is to late. Tuck up now & go bye byes. (((HUG))X

    Island -If you only knew what this lot does for me. I lost 3 of my kids in death- & Like Job I got many more back -right here-You too Attila....( he reads em Only)

  • DJ




    See ya in 10 days, my friend. I go nite nite soon. xxx

  • eyegirl

    my, my, my!!! have a bit of a big head island woman?? even if you don't necessarily agree with someone's opinion, can we show a little respect here? honestly, if you, or anyone else, EVER said anything so disrespectful to my gramma.....better watch out, i'm not so nice. it's really a shame that you feel the need to generalize and put 'elderly' people in such a broad category. perhaps you like that when people include you in a broad generalization? i work in a clinic where most of our patients are elderly. for the most part, they are friendly, kind and upbeat--no matter why they're there that day. i don't quite understand your being upset about them selling a home up north and buying something bigger in FL--hello??!?? that's called an INVESTMENT. generally, everyone is encouraged to do some investing for their retirement. and i don't like your little cop out about them keeping the poor, poor. everyone has to choose their own destiny--they need to start taking responsibility for their lives and actions. if you want people to take you seriously and show you some respect, start doing the same.


    eyegirl of the "doesn't take any sh*t" class

  • Cowboy

    Well,in my experience,those who have no respect for older folks have little for anyone,including themselves.They're also the ones who have alot to learn about life,or they won't just grow old,they'll do it alone.



  • xenawarrior

    I'm with you on this one too eye!!!! But for me it would be like talking to my own mother like that! And I'd be kicking ass! And my mother spends only winters in Florida. So does that make her only 1/3 senile or any of the other insulting things you have thrown out here?

    IW, you have some valid points. They are not present in this thread. And it would appear that you are more hell-bent on slinging mud than openly discussing facts or points of view. It doesn't bode well if you want anyone to actually listen to you. Your relevant points are lost in the venom you choose to spew.

    I've been in chat with Grace on several occasions. What I can say is that she's got you beat by name alone! And to add to it, she's got alot of class- something you have shown a real lack of today.


  • LB

    Keep pouring the gasoline on the fire IW. You're doing great.

  • Angharad


    IW - Your personal attack on Mouthy was totally uncalled for.

    Edited by - angharad on 10 October 2002 7:45:25

  • PurpleV

    Hey SteveDave!

    Little spats like this give the good old boys in Brooklyn a mental hard on when it happens. Some of them are probably right in the middle of it and causing some of the fuss. They are sneaky little devils

    LOL, yes I'm having fun. It's a little hard to follow everything here but it sure is hopping! Yes, I guess the spats here have got to be more interesting to the Brooklyn dubs than some boring old WT study!

    PS: Just remember this one thing, Iv seen your butt!

    Yeah, and I've seen you in the morning before your coffee! ((((hugs)))))

    Love, Val

  • mouthy

    As I dry my tears- I just want to say Thank to you all for your very kind words....

    See when one door closes God opens a window...Island if you had not attacked me-I would never have had a pouring out of love from the others here.

    As I have said before--I am like a cat- I Love to be stroked ( purr,purr!!

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((all on board))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))0

  • scootergirl


    All I can say is that IW post to you really upset me........no one should be treated w/disrespect like that. You come here you big old (no pun intended ) pussycat and let us pet ya for awhile! You add a lot to this board, and why I have never had the chance to chat w/you personally, I look forward to getting to know you better.

    Island Woman........shame on you. What goes around comes around........not that it matters, but you certainly have lost respect in my eyes. To treat another human being like that is uncalled for.

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