Give Bill a deserved break!

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  • minimus

    I entreat Hillary Step to stay here!!! You have been greatly missed.

  • larc

    Hillary, I second Minumus's plea. We need you here.

  • Englishman

    OK, I have a plea to make too.

    Hillary_Step, please stay, we need your insights here.

    Girl Raised In The South: You have insights too, but I'm betting that you are also one hell of a good typist. See, I can tell that you write simultaneously with the thoughts that come into your head. Me, I'm a slow one finger duffer, so I get plenty of time to refelect when I write, if I was as fast as you I would be out on my earhole PDQ.

    Slow down please Grits, remember us chaps can only think of one thing at once. Plus, please remember that just because some of us find BB's attitude bombastic, doesn't mean that we don't support the cause of Silent Lambs.


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  • waiting

    hey eman!

    but I'm betting that you are also one hell of a good typist. See, I can tell that you write simultaneously with the thoughts that come into your head.

    So THAT's what the problem is with *some* of us ------ we type as we think of it! Lol.....been fast typist since the 70's - could explain my style of communication, or lack thereof, eh?

    I hope things settle down around here - we need all the competent people we can get. GRITS? Hope she rethinks her position a tad.....then types. She makes many good points - just kinda out on a limb on this occasion, imho. Btw, on the opinion of Pat's public speech, I spoke out about the subject matter at the same time as Hilliary. I wasn't condemning her either - but negatively questioned the release of such matters at the march in front of reporters.

    HS??????? Perhaps you've finally gotten use to us? We would miss you terribly, you know? Joining the others in hoping you stick around.


  • abbagail

    LOL @ Englishman! Yes, I've been typing since around age 10, taught myself... what can I say? "It's a Gift."

    Thanks Waiting, as well -- I think!

    DBear... No way I'm going to waste my breath -- EXCEPT to say: STOP HERE! Do NOT Proceed Beyond This Point. Hazardous Road Ahead. Look Out for Falling Rocks: Sonic Boom Area.

    HS HS HS HS... Sigh & Sigh some more... There is no such thing as a "tardy reply." You can come or go, reply or not. There is no time limit (or are we back in the borg counting time limits?) Therefore, your suggestion of a time frame for me to acquiesce to your demands won't work. S-o-m-e-d-a-y, IF and WHEN "I" FEEL like it (notice the "I" - and not when You decide), I MAY go back through all of those extremely DEPRESSING "critic" threads, though I have no desire to read that depressing hogwash again anytime soon -- as they were VERY DIScouraging and VERY depressing for those of us who went to NY and were SO ENCOURAGED and SO HAPPY to be there and be part of it, and then came back and were BLASTED with nothing but negativity and criticism, one thread after the other, not only about Pat and HER T-R-U-T-H, but about the March itself, the teeshirts themselves, DEpersonalizing a group of PERSONS which was created for those PERSONS, etc., it made me sick at heart.

    You guys are so missing the point, but I've given up hope that you'll ever get it. It is Pat's TRUTH. She can and MUST SPEAK IT OUT. It is DONE. It is not ALL about LEGALITY. It is about TAKING BACK HER PERSONAL POWER. Do you not understand anything AT ALL about abuse & healing? NOTHING will change the fact that Pat already spoke HER TRUTH. I applaud her RIGHT TO DO SO. So why go around criticizing the hell out of everything, her prayer beforehand, her RIGHT to NAME her absuer, the march itself, taking stuffed lambs, wearing teeshirts, etc. I'm sick to death of all of your attitudes. Your "OPINIONS" criticized and HURT ALL OF US who went to NY. Maybe way up there on your High Horse you cannot SEE IT or FEEL it, but we FELT IT. That's right -- WOMEN FEEL TOO MUCH? Is that it? If I FEEL your comments to be NEGATIVE & CRITICAL, cruel & cold, then they WERE to me, and THAT is my "moral monopoly." And I will NOT renounce my feelings just because you THINK it SHOULD be SO. Additionally, besides what is on the public forums, I had backchannel email which I did Not include in the above post because I did NOT think it's something I should do; i.e., that you "insulted Pat," and took "pot shots" at her. I do not believe this person is lying (especially after all I had read for myself in those numerous threads). That "proof" is good enough for me. And I do not desire nor am I compelled (simply because you demand it), to "prove" to YOU that MY opinions, feelings and comments are right. As far as I am concerned, YOUR opinions, feelings and comments are WRONG. Are we done YET? (Oh, that's right. I already asked that didn't I?)

    To borrow your "eloquent phrasing": "I wondered for a moment if you were quite serious. It was a dismal moment when I realized that you were..." i.e., that you gave yourself (and in turn myself) somewhat of a "deadline" to reply by Monday or, how did you say? I will forever be branded as a Liar? Coward? Hypocrite? What heavy-handed threats! Well, so be it then. It Takes One To Know One (liar, coward, hypocrite), eh? Or should I start acting like you and demand you retract those comments IMMEDIATELY, because I KNOW I am NOT a liar (but I do not know that YOU are not a liar). I KNOW I am not a hypocrite (but I do not know that you are NOT a hypocrite), etc. Get my drift? (BTW, I have a sneaking suspicion you are somewhat of a perfectionist and a control freak. Tell me it ain't so...)

    I don't even know who you think you are to go around thinking people are going to "jump" just because you say so. Sue me if you want to (will you be using your Political Attorney?) Try getting blood out of a stone. Enjoy yourself! You are the one who acted like a cry baby by posting Bill's comments to you here on the forum instead of dealing with it back channel with him (talk about coward). That was the tackiest thing I ever saw, yet you use even more derogatory adjectives in my direction? Read GRITS' Lips: I don't owe you a "cotton-pickin' thing"!

    Funny how Bill says he will not bother to expend energy defending attacks against himself. Yet YOU, on the other hand, are demanding retractions left and right of my so-called assassination of your pristine character! Talk about "distorted reality." I can't even believe how haughty you come across, and you can't even see it. (It must be that Halo around your head is blinding you...) If you have so many admirers here, then what are you worried about? Surely, you will claim the crown and denounce me the scum of the board. Maybe you will hold a secret tribunal and have me DF'd? So be it. If I worried about what other people think, I would never have survived DubDumb. I will not cow-tow to your heavy-handed demands. I don't need the adulation of others like you seem to need in order to prove yourself righteous overmuch.

    So please don't hold your breath, HS. We wouldn't want you to turn blueblood.

    PS: The Topic of this thread is "Give Bill a Deserved Break," and Not "Give HS A Deserved Break."

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  • hillary_step

    GRITS, Grits and half a Grits, ( as opposed to HS, HS, HS )

    Thank you for the nine hundred and ninety-nine word pre-amble, which all went to prove that while beauty is only skin-deep, ugly goes right the way through.

    Now that you have exorcised yourself of your customary avalanche of blustering rhetoric, anemic red-herrings, and spittle-lipped attempts at appearing as if you happen to know what you are talking about, might we all expect within the next three or four months to actually read a pertinent reply to the issues in question?

    God help Pat Garza if you are her advisor and God help Bill Bowen if he is foolish enough to listen to the applause of a delegation from the land of Grits, a vision rather resembling Marco Polo in Manchester at turning out time on a Saturday night.

    You probably do not care but I will state this for the record, that while I repudiate your dangerous rushes to judgment, believe it or not, I actually admire your tenacity.

    BTW, I have a sneaking suspicion you are somewhat of a perfectionist and a control freak. Tell me it ain't so...)

    Ahh! The infamous and intuative 'Grits' style, 'sneaking suspicion'. You mean the one in which we have all learned to place so much confidence? Well, as you asked so nicely, - It ain't so. Or to put it in a more perfectly controlled framework, 'It ain't necessarily so....

    Best regards - HS .

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  • riz

    hillary, you crack me up! i hope you stay, too. you are definately an asset.

    ...spittle-lipped attempts ...

    great mental picture

    thanks for the laughs!

    love, riz

  • DannyBear


    ***DBear... No way I'm going to waste my breath -- EXCEPT to say: STOP HERE! Do NOT Proceed Beyond This Point. Hazardous Road Ahead. Look Out for Falling Rocks: Sonic Boom Area.***

    Whats this a threat? I thought you did not subscribe to such actions? Yet I can see from your volatile reply's, that you are unbending, unwilling even to give even an inch.........of course your view is the only view. Hillary was right on with his reply, no sense in wasting time trying to reason, with the unreasonable.

    I hope you find some peace. It must be nice to be so cock sure of yourself.


  • SloBoy

    It has been suggested that I leave the brainstorming and the filibustering to the better qualified. This must be what they were talking about.

  • Valis
    It has been cleared up, with no thanks to Bill.


    District Overbeer of the "Still Waiting For Answers" class

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