Give Bill a deserved break!

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  • Pleasuredome

    after speaking to Bill a couple of months ago, i can understand his frustration with Ray, although i dont agree with what he said. i do feel that Ray has been somewhat selective about bringing into the open the things he knows.

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  • hawkaw

    Wow .... that's some statement there sf .... I .... just don't know what to say .... I don't know if I'll be around tomorrow but try giving me a call. I want to hear this from you.

    BTW - it always fun talking to you on the phone.


  • Tinkerbell4125

    Why can't you guys let this go! We're talking about imperfect men here! We've all said and done things that we regret. Let it go!

    Venice, I agree with you. We shouldn't lose sight on what's really important and that's helping Silentlambs. I think Bill's doing the best he can! He's got alot on him and I admire him for his courage and hard work. IMHO I don't understand why Ray wouldn't support Bill. Too me, it's so clear what Bill is doing and I think he needs all the love and support that he can get.....not all this bitching.

  • Valis
    i do feel that Ray has been somewhat selective about bringing into the open the things he knows.

    Um did he not do that w/his books? As well, your statement implies there is something else Ray should speak tell what those "other" things are please.

    IMHO I don't understand why Ray wouldn't support Bill.

    Tink...go back and read more closely what Amazing reported from discussions w/Ray. He doesn't lend his name/support to any organization. There's a big difference in that versus not supporting ideals period. Besides, if you battled the borg as long as he has you might not want to have anything to do w/JW related issues either.


    Distict Overbeer

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    If you wouldn't mind, would you send me an email? I have a question to ask you that I don't want to post on this public forum. Something that you said in one of your posts struck a chord with me and I suspect that we may have shared a similar experience. My email addy is open.

    Thanks in advance.

  • IslandWoman


    However, I just want to add to those who sharply criticize Bill, that when a man is busy toiling in the hot sun with little water to quench his thirst his speech might seem terse and his temper may flare.

    Many xJWs have "toiled in the hot sun" and Ray Franz is certainly one of them! All that was asked of Bill Bowen was to only do what this thread title asks: "Give Ray Franz a deserved break!"

    Bill Bowen chose not to.


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  • garybuss

    Just my 0.02 here . . . I read both Ray's books, have corresponded with him by letter and by phone and I have the most respect and admiration for him and I very much appreciate his efforts. His communication answered many of my questions about the Publishing Corporation that so influenced and directed my thinking, my behavior, my life. I have thanked him and I thank him here again now.

    There is still a void in my knowledge and I do not think that is Ray's fault. Ray's books are like he was a guest in a hotel, and eventually he was invited to be on a board of consultants. But the board was not really involved in the actual management of the business. Some of the things remaining unanswered in my mind are:

    1. Who decides where the money is used?
    2. Who decides where the money is kept?
    3. What is the actual worldwide income from operations?
    4. How much is left over every year?
    5. Who really makes the decisions about building, selling, & investing.
    6. How much property does the Society control?
    7. How much property and money is held by the Pennsylvania Corporation?
    8. Who is the stealth manager with the real power?
    9. Where does he live?
    10. What is his income including gifts and donations?
    11. The writing and service departments obviously receive the directions to write appeals for money and the service department obviously receives directions for issuing policies and statements. Who really directs them?
    12. Is there another Rutherford type attorney, a wizard, really running things in the background? Or who?

    In my opinion Ray did not address these issues because he does not know.

    Does anybody know?


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