JW's are #1

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  • CoolBreeze

    I love posters like this guy. Elders hate guys like this poster worse than apostates, because it lets worldly lurkers see the TRUTH(tm) and LOVINKINDNESS(tm) of the the JW's before they can be assimilated. Makes people who open their doors on Saturday mornings cringe when hear JW's come a knocking. Keep up the good work Ned.


  • scumrat

    Oh,,,,,,, Brother Flanders, where are you? This is your nurse looking for you. You naughty boy. You haven't taken your medication lately. Now come back to the padded room and take your medication promptly !!!!!

  • mamashel

    I just have 1 comment of the statement made on the first page of this dread, i mean thread, you said GET BEHIND ME SATAN, well you dont have to tell him to get behind you because he is backing the entire organization!


  • sisteract

    hey bro. flanders are you related to the flanders from martha's vineyard? any chance mildred is your grandmother? if so, you are WELL KNOWN

  • RedhorseWoman

    Sounds to me as if little Ned (in more ways than one) is simply trying to get a reaction from everyone. His comments are just too far out in left field to be believable.

    Keep laughing, Neddie, you already look like a fool so you might as well complete the job.

  • pomegranate

    more like brother flounders...

  • TR

    Ned Flanders,

    You would do well to pull your head.......

  • rmayer32
    I hate apostates and worldly people

    Such brotherly love alright.

    Why don't you go F*** yourself!


  • avengers
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    .....devoted JW's and their conduct is superb.

    It might just be me - but I'm not sure I understand what that really means.

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    I imagine you'd have to be emotionally involved with the persons to be able to understand this. Don't forget the Tower plays a mean game which is very hard to see through for the people of the "Great Crowd". I remember the reason for wanting to become one of Jehovah's Witnesses. This was in the sixties. I was looking for the Truth, Justice, Righteousnes, and above all, Love. Especially in the beginning days I was fully convinced it was the Truth. I dit not consider myself a bad or evil person. I was in the Truth, fully convinced wanting others to share my happiness.

    Remember the so called "first love"? In the deception of the "Great Crowd" the GB uses this phrase extensively.

    Indoctrination is a devious way to hijack even very intelligent minds. The Tower is an expert in this form of hijacking.

    I agree though that even the Dubb has his own responsibility. Nevertheless is the power of indoctrination not to be underestimated!!

    Exposing the ways of the Tower to the extent that "if you don't see it now you have to be blind" is one of the ways to open up the mind of the R & F. Isn't this what we're doing it all for? For those that are deceived? Not for the ones that do it on purpose!! They deserve to stay till the end.

    hope to have shed a little light on my way of thinking.

    Andy.....of the "That shark will never swallow me" class

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  • butalbee

    Whose ass did this dude crawl out of anyway?

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