I was a JW child

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  • KD

    Welcome aboard CbeMe. I was an active JW in my high school years and until a few years after graduation. During that time period I went into severe depressions and finally went apostate in early 80's. It took years to get my head straight. I found this group by accident and I realized that I was not alone. So again welcome!

  • ashling

    Welcome CBeMe. And {{{hugs}}} to you!

  • Scarlet

    Welcome Cbeme

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    Hi CBeMe,

    I hope that you find solace and peace in whatever catholic church you visit.

    "Peace be with you"


  • Theta72

    After reading post after post on this site, this personal experience prompted me to write. What a story... My heart and prayers go out to you, CbeMe. I have recently revisited the Catholic church after 13 years away. (During that time I visited many Protestant churches, as well as the JWs and Mormons.) I'm glad to be back! Catholicism is comforting and it's helping me get re-acquainted with God.

    Also, I know what it's like to have a bad relationship with one's mother. My Mother is a pathological liar and is completely devoid of emotion, but I'm slowly learning to forgive her. It's like life is starting over for me at 30.

    Anyway, good luck in your healing and I hope you find peace and happiness in your life!</

  • AwakenedAndFree

    Dear CbeMe,

    WELCOME to the forum.


  • mouthy

    CbeMe---Welcome ((((hug))) sorry to hear the journey you have been on. This is the first day for the rest of your life. Try to distance yourself from the influences you mention ( Mother) you can keep in touch but not let her "rail" on you.

    I was a JW for over 20 years ( a real staunch one also) I am sorry to admit - I was a "bossy" JW Mother. One of my girls are still there. One is out , ( three died) I REALLY regret being what I was. But as it has been said "he that puts his hand to the plow & looks back is lost. Your NOT lost now- Your FREE- This place is unconditioal love( yeah they fight sometimes-but they get over it-) come back often ((((hug))


  • Hmmm


    Your thread has obviously touched many posters here. While unique to you, and more extreme than many of us have faced, it carries the same hallmarks of family dysfunction, religious obsession, yet awe-inspiring strength that is such a common theme told by children raised in this religion.

    Many old-timers have popped in to say 'welcome', but I'm struck by how many new posters have responded here to say "me too." You've struck a chord with many.

    Welcome CBeMe and all the other new members. This place can be a one of great healing; but barring that, the frequent flame wars will surely help you toughen up your skin!


  • Elsewhere


    You are so brave.... all you need is to be free from your family. You just need the chance to start a whole new life with a new family.

    I think of the other xjw's in my area (Dallas/FortWorth) as my "new" family.

  • wildfire

    (((((((((((((((CBEMEE)))))))))))))))))) oh my dear your story is so sad,,, but you have come to the right place iam a newbie here too,,,,, only iam the depressed mother not the child..... and 4 of my 5 children are not in the org because of the rantings and lunacy of their annointed father and step---father... i am happy about that but my baby who is 16 is deeply entrenched with it,,, but i am not very strict like other JW parents so iknow she gets away with more ,,,, she was in band in school,,,, reads other literature besides WT ism.... and so she has the best of both worlds.... I do believe in time she will see the Org for what it truely is again welcome to the board and dont be a stranger

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