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  • Farkel

    : We respect a person's right to free expression. In fact, as Jehovah's Witnesses, we live by that principle every day of our lives. Our policy for handling child abuse is progressive, and strong, and it protects the congregation.

    What's the best way to remove a pound of vomit from my monitor and keyboard, people?


  • blondie

    You'll have to get a new keyboard, Farkel?

  • ThiChi

    "Clearly, the Watchtower Society is misrepresenting their current material in the Awake!,"

    In other words, they LIED their sorry little ASSES off! Damn them to hell..............

  • TTBoy

    "Progressive Policy" - sounds more like my "Progressive" (car insurance company) policy.

    They are avioding the issue hanging out the poor elders out to dry (2 in my family) for following their orders. (secret letters to the BOE)

    "HABIT" - reinforcing 99% of abusers do it again.

    Witnesses have ALWAYS been allowed to go to the police even if they is the only one witness - what they fail to mention is that they will be DFd. because they disobeyed Dueteronomy.



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  • hawkaw

    Cygnus stated:

    This sure sounds like it is less and less about the children and more and more like it is about people who want retribution and apologies.

    I think the WT's policy as it stands is very reasonable, and it's not J.R. Brown's fault if idiot elders don't do what they're supposed to.


    So you are telling me that the "confrontations" are okay? Even though I have been watching a court case for two plus weeks that clearly showed just how wrong confrontations (ie. Judicial Committees) are and how these children/teenagers are basically re-raped?

    So you are telling me it is okay for a known sicko to come to my door without my knowledge?

    So are you telling me it is okay that they don't share a database of known molesters with the authorities?

    So are you telling me their reporting is okay even though it still to this day violates Ontario law (ie. all ordain ministers (all baptized JWs) must "forthwith" report and no tjust the elders)?

    So are you telling me it is okay not to report the abuse in the 34 states that don't have a "special" reporting law?

    So is it okay to support convicted molesters like Fitzwater and keep him as a JW in good standing all because the society refuses to believe he took part in 17 child rapes?

    So you are telling me it is okay to df Bill Barb and the other advocates for speaking out over this issue and any one else who does?

    So you are telling me it is okay to keep the congregation in the dark about the case?

    I could go on here but I won't.

    I guess where we can agree is that they have started to move in the last little while but they still have more to do.


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  • Trauma_Hound


    Transcript of Video News Release

    J. R. Brown, Organizational Spokesman for Jehovah's Witnesses

    Dr. M. Ruth Infante, Psychiatrist, Psychopharmacologist

    David Sinclair, Congregation Elder

    Philip Brumley, General Counsel for Jehovah's Witnesses

    Jehovah's Witnesses' Policy on Dealing With Child Abuse

    Mr. Brown: We have a very aggressive policy to handle child molestation in the

    congregations. And it is primarily designed to protect our children. And then it

    also is in compliance with the laws of the land, or the state, so that there is not a


    Dr. Infante: I think that's a very good policy, that the elders essentially would take charge of

    the situation of reporting the abuse to the authorities if there is no adult in

    authority, any other adult in authority to do that, to protect the child.

    Mr. Sinclair: If we didn't have a policy, it might be confusing to some who have never dealt

    with things like that before, like I had never dealt with it before. You are not sure

    where to turn for help. But when you know that there is a policy in place that

    you can go and get the help that's needed that is very comforting. And then,

    within the congregation, through the arrangement of the congregation, you can

    provide the spiritual help and the encouragement to get over the difficulties that

    the individuals have faced in their childhood.

    Mr. Brumley: There are instances when a situation that should have been reported is not. Or

    where care should have been extended and it was not. But to say that the policy is

    not followed perfectly is a far cry from saying that there exists a policy to

    affirmatively minimize, or hide, this problem. The policy that Jehovah's

    Witnesses have on how to handle cases of child molestation is without equal in

    the religious community.

  • City Fan
    City Fan

    Why was it that after reading:

    For example, the , Awake! provided the reminder: "Some legal experts advise reporting the abuse to the authorities as soon as possible. In some lands the legal system may require this,"

    I knew the next word in the Awake would have been "BUT" !!!

    Maybe it's because after years of sitting through endless bullshit half-quotes and mis-quotes I can recognize them instantly.

  • Mulan

    If he moves to a new area, the elders are notified? What about the rest of the congregation, not privilege to this CONFIDENTIAL information?

  • Trauma_Hound

    I was thinking the same thing mulan, how are they protecting the kids in the congregation when the elders are the only ones that know about it?

  • TTBoy

    Mulan you are correct. My PO uncle had only one case dealing with abuse in NC. I can't remember if this man commited the crime before or after he became a JW but he moved into his congration.

    The elders were informed (noone else) and it was their job to keep an eye on him. He was counseled after being seen sitting next to children. AFTER sitting next to children..noting to parents in the congration.

    I recieved a letter in the mail last year stating some convicted child abuser moved in a few streets down, here in Ohio. This man had payed his dues in jail and still everyone in the community was informened. This should be the same with religious organizations.


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