What is the WT afraid of???????????????????

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  • Roamingfeline


    That was basically what I was saying earlier. We can all agree to disagree. And this place should be open to everyone to CIVILLY discuss issues. I know some of us have anger and bitterness, and some don't. I know some are ready to leave, and some don't know if they want to. Some even may WANT to stay in the Org. for now or forever till death do them part, so the saying goes. I'm sure Simon had a vision for this site, and his vision should be respected, Whatever it may be. Just my .02


  • marion_nett

    To BabylonSmurf: Ouch ...

    I think that the few posts I've made on here have been civil - I have agreed with some "concerns" and (cautiously) opened up - a tad - about my own feelings. I am NOT interested in WT bashing, and try to stay away from those threads. My recent responses were to posts made directly to ME (and NOT in a particularly friendly manner). I agree with Waiting. Everyone here is unique in his or her circumstances and not to be judged. ALL should be treated with respect and if one disagrees with a particular post, he/she should do it RESPECTFULLY. And NO ONE should be subjected to attack and insults simply because they have express an honest opinion that may differ from that of the majority on the Board. Isn't that right, BabylonSmurf, SolidSender, and Roamingfeline?

  • waiting

    Dear BabylonSmurf,

    Welcome to our chat place. Simon is the originator and he is English. He also set the pace and tone for us all when he strongly suggested this be a "civil forum for all persons."

    May I ask what in the world, as a new poster, gives you the right to speak for "the majority of us" here?

    I do not share your views, nor would I insult another person by calling their religious views infantile. Personally, to insult someone because they have an opinion different from yours, and not necessarily wrong, is the infantile behavior.

    I suspect by your name, Smurf, that you're of younger age, please remember your manners and come back.

    I happen to share some of Marion's views, and no one that knows me would suggest I'm infantile. They would suggest other things about me, I'm sure.

  • Simon

    Religion is a very emotional topic and being a JW or Ex-JW probably presents more challenges than most other religions.
    We all need to let of steam from time to time and can all be guilty of sometimes saying things in haste that we later regret.
    I think the main thing is that we have somewhere to share our views or vent our anger and it's important that others dont take offense too easily and likewise that we don't intentionally offend anyone.
    Anyone have anymore quotes ? I like those...

  • Frenchy
    Am I allowed to disagree with you?

    Speaking for myself: Absolutely!

    Why would anyone even THINK the Society would want to "debate" you, or anyone else objecting to their doctrines.

    Just MHO, but I would think that when you stand up and categorically condemn allreligions in the world and say that you aloneare God's spokesman and 'channel of communication' that you take upon yourself a responsibility to defend that claim that you have made. When you send five million people out to tell others (most of whom already belong to a religion) what they must do to become 'approved by God' I would think that you have a responsibility to prove beyond reasonable doubt the message that you are asking them to believe is correct. When you tell a mother that she must allow her child to die rather than take a blood transfusion and that God will bring this child back in the resurrection then I think you had better be positively sure and be able to present incontrovertible proof that you are without a shadow of a doubt correct. To quote of of 'their' favorite phrases, 'lives are at stake'. When you tell a son to turn his back on his father because his father no longer accepts a particular religious philosophy, then you had better be completely certain of your right to do this to that family. I believe it only fair that one so presumptuous be called upon to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are correct.
    No one should be allowed to make the claim of being God's representative without being required to show substantial proof of this. This is especially true when such an entity has made very pronounced errors in predictions and doctrine.
    Those are my views on the matter, marion. I'm not presenting these here to 'argue' with anyone, just to state what I believe. I respect your views and would like to hear more about them. If you see some fallacy in my reasoning then please say so and I will consider that too.

  • Martini

    Simon, excellent advice you make a reasonable moderator.

    Frenchy,in my view there is absolutely no fallacy in your arguement, you are miles ahead of our JW leadership. I am so glad that now I am able to see resolutness that we JW's display for the stiff neck arrogance that it is, similar to that of pharisees that Jesus rebuked.

    I can imagine that if Christ himself objected the decisions of the GB and told them to change their policies such as their abusive disfellowshipping and blood ban etc, that they would actually reject him like they are rejecting Jesus' brothers. They would reply "but the bible says these things", Jesus would reply "You have gone beyond the things written with your commands and traditions."


  • marion_nett


    I do not share your views, nor would I insult another person by calling their religious views infantile. Personally, to insult someone because they have an opinion different from yours, and not necessarily wrong, is the infantile behavior.

    Thank you. You are my new best friend.

    Frenchy: A most reasonable presentation of your personal feelings on the matter. Now THAT'S the way to go, Guys!

    My only comment on your post, is that I think they (the Society) chooses to use methods other that of debate to present that proof - that's all.

  • marion_nett

    P.S. I HATE making typos!!! Please overlook it in the above post!

  • waiting

    Hey, Simon!

    Glad to see your civilized humor here.

    True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country. Jurt Vonnegut

    Now, for the serious sarcasm:

    It never occurred to Stalin that the British electorate would remove Churchill from office in the very moment of victory. The result not only surprised but startled him, confirming his rooted belief that elections where the outcome was not guaranteed were too dangerous to be allowed. Alan bullock

    When Stalin says "dance," a wise man dances. Nikita Krushchev

    Did your people really vote Churchill out of office after WWII?

    History will be kind to me for I intend to write it. Winston Churchill

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  • Roamingfeline


    I did not insult you, nor your behavior. In fact, I defended your right to state your beliefs without being insulted. But you see fit to include me in a post stating you should be free of such insulting. Because I said you prefer one food without spices (meaning the JW religion) instead of being a spiritual infant? Sheesh, talk about thin-skinned!

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