What is the WT afraid of???????????????????

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  • waiting

    Dear SolidSender,

    Yes, in my opinion, Marion's comment was a put on. He's put us on before - and I've been snagged.

    Marion's only saving grace is that his sarcastic quotes are better than mine, in my humble opinion.

  • Martini

    Howdy RhorseWoman,

    Great I welcome your pioneer application.
    Also if you don't mind I have a part on the service meeting next week entitled 'Can you in good conscience tell Jehovah why your NOT pioneering?" I think I could use You , do you mind being used for this previledged part?

    Your bretheren,

  • SolidSender

    7 - thanks. temporary Usernamechange at the moment due to probs with being a thrillbilly. Anyway re: your post - you were obviously a precocious child. I also had a variation on the theme but it was along the the lines of : then one day jed went shooting for some food and up through the ground came ellie in the nude/ next thing you know old jeds in the truck, fly wide open ready for a ...........yea anyway.

    i mean next thing you know old jeds a millionaire
    kinfolk said jed move away from there
    said california's the place you oughta be
    so he loaded up the truck and moved to beverly
    hills that is
    swimmin pools
    movies stars.

  • RedhorseWoman


    I would be overjoyed to have a part in the service meeting. I just MIGHT be able to tell everyone precisely why I'm not pioneering right now (hehehehe)

  • marion_nett

    No, folks - It wasn't a "put-on."

    Am I allowed to disagree with you? I think constructive criticism is fine and dandy, but some folks here thrive on posting negative comments, no matter how small and petty. I think some of you have genuine concerns, but much of it is nit-picking, and downright disrespectful.

    Why would anyone even THINK the Society would want to "debate" you, or anyone else objecting to their doctrines. The teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses is NOT going to change because a few voice their objections. Those who find their beliefs objectionable have other choices. When I said they have a "no debate" policy, I meant it. They never HAVE been inclined to debate - not with the media, not with other religious groups ... What would be the point. It has nothing to do with fear.

    This Board is called Jehovah's Witness Discussion Group - not Anti-Witness Discussion Group - or Witness Bashing Discussion Group. So, forget the name-calling and the rock-throwing and -- DISCUSS ALREADY!!!

    (We need Friend to come back - He made us think.)

  • marion_nett

    Oh, and Waiting - It's "SHE", not "HE", thank you.

  • BabylonSmurf

    Marion, the difference between the majority of us and you is that we think for ourselves and the WTBS does yours for you. At this stage fo your development you really should not be wasting your time on the internet but rather reading the scriptures and attempting to advance from the spiritually infantile state you presently exist in.

  • Roamingfeline

    Now BabylonSmurf,

    There is no reason to get nasty with Marion-nett and call her in religious infancy. She has her right to her opinion just like the rest of us, even if it's to disagree. It's not that she's a religious infant and not ready for "meat and potatoes" it's that she prefers ONE type of food with no spices in it. Now be nice please. Or I'll have to come out there to the north suburbs and spank your butt, young lady! hehe..


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  • Martini

    Hi RhorseWoman,

    I am thrilled to be able to ab'use you on the meeting part.Actually I had no one else to call on that could tell it as it is. You got that right when you said
    "I just MIGHT be able to tell everyone precisely why I'm not pioneering right now"
    because indeed as your saying we are made to feel like we must answer to others instead of JAH!

    Your bretheren

  • waiting

    Dear Ms. Marion,

    Thank you for your comment - I apologize in assuming you were pulling our computer leg. I do not apologize for saying that your sarcastic, humourous, quotes are better than mine.

    I, on another thread, answered a post saying I did not want to sound like Friend, but I didn't quite agree with what was being said, or colored, about the Society. I was sarcastically made fun of by the following two posters. I felt I had made a legitimate post to another's legitimate post, it surprised me.

    I didn't realize that this, perhaps, is becoming an x-site only. I'm not - just sitting back thinking and reading. When I make my choice, I believe I should be allowed to make it freely - from persons on both sides of the fence. I can sit on my fence as long as I can stand the stupid pointed ends. The only thing being damaged is my own butt.

    One new poster several weeks ago made the point that we seemed rather "thin skined" here when devout JW's come to visit. I believe it was Red Horse who answered this person by saying that we really weren't - but some strong JW's come on strong. Well, I think JW's of any sort, particularily if they're civil, should be able to comment - without a sarcastic dismissal following the post.

    This is a good, open, place. I hope it stays that way so we can all enjoy discussing matters which we feel important.

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