Hoovahs at my Door ! (NOT Vacuum cleaners)

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  • Special K
    Special K

    Good work refiner..

    I hope they do come back and you can talk with them.

    They are victims, of the brain washing, just as I was brainwashed at one time.

    If he ever does want a bible study with you.. he won't even know that you..are the one who is really having a bible study with him.. Good Luck.


    Special K

  • jwbot

    When my S/O and I moved into our new apartment, some witnesses came to the door one saturday morning. I was sleeping OF COURSE! but my boyfriend answered and told him he was "too busy fornicating". Ahh how I would have loved to see their faces.

  • Panda

    Refiner, Thanks for this update! Way to go

    I was someones RV for awhile but I wouldn't talk about her literature, only what I'd heard JWs believed. She never could give an answer, but said she'd look it up. Never told her my name. But in the next 10 years I'm sure they'll come by.

    But, please give us the full on those discussions....Please.....

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well, thanks for the interest all, but there wasnt anything very clever that I did. In fact I probably did a fairly lousy job of dealing with the JW, the guy was no dodo and he knew where scriptures were in the Bible, inside out.Also, he had been DF and reinstated, so he had some "worldly" experience. So Id say he was well above average competent at discussing his faith.

    Ultimately you cant convince someone to drop their religious belief unless they want to drop it. And this guy WANTED to believe.Though we did take turns conceeding points. He conceeded some issues, like that there wasnt much scripture backing for the blood issue, and that Jesus and the Apostles probably didnt go "door to door" witnessing.But ultimately he would always fall back to the position that JWs were the only organization that doesnt engage in war ( conscientious objectors) and so this made them more "loving" towards fellow man than any other church.

    I had told him at the start that I had been in a cult when I was young,and that the cult love bombed people and also applied pressure to "recruits" thru the use of prepared "study aids" which wereused to direct the strudy into the course the cult wanted things to go, so he agreed that we would not refer to WT study books. I also told him that I wouldnt allow other persons to accompany him upon our discussions because I didnt want two or three people "ganging up" on me trying to convert me( another thing cult recruiters do). I told him all about my bad experiences in the cult. The information control, the False prophecies, the seperation from general society, and he agreed these were bad things. I can only hope that he registered ( hopefully) that his own church practised the same behaviours. Lol.

    After a few weeks I told him Id been on the net searching JWs,and had obtained a contact with a man who Id been to visit and this man had told me a lot of terrible things about JW history and a massive history of "false prophecy" within the organization. Of course, the "Study conductor" had already heard my tales about all the churches Id joined that turned out to be "false prophet" organizations. So now I was concerned that the JWs were Biblical false prophets. I hit him with the Russell / FDS from the "finished mystery" and 1922 WTs. And I hit him with the pyramid from Russells books and I hit him with the 1975 expectation from early 1970s WTs. You are wasting your time quoting Russell false prophecy at dubs because they consider everything they said prior to 1919 as invalid 'old light'.So I hit him with 1975 which is clearly "predicted" in Christs authority.

    Thats about it.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    When he saw that Id obtained old JW publications from some ex dub Id met online, he shit a brick, and begged me that if I needed further "research material" I should get it thru him. Lol. It was pretty funny really.

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