Hoovahs at my Door ! (NOT Vacuum cleaners)

by refiners fire 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Completely different territory from the last house. The problem is, Im now back in the congregational territory I grew up in ! this is a problem. Consequently, my furtive glances thru the curtains. I may accidentally encounter some dub I used to hang out with 25 years ago. anyway.

    By the way, the guy asked my name and I lied to him. Well, sheesh, if Id given him my REAL name he might have put 2 and 2 together. Its a shame when you have no option but to lie, but its necessary. Its called "Theocratic Warfare Strategy"

  • Prisca

    Giving a false name is all well and good, but what happens if someone else in your family answers the door next time the Bro returns? Or will you tell them if he comes to the door asking for "*********" that he really means you?

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    If my missus heard a knock at the front door shes turn her head, see who it was thru the side window and if she saw suits and briefcases, just go back to watching the TV. I dont think she would even THINK about getting up. Lol.

  • Georgiegirll

    oh refiners,

    ya make me laugh today. The walk, the suit, the blank stare..You're too damn funny!!!

    I have one problem tho...I thought I was Satan manifest!!! Thanks, I really needed that laugh LMAO


  • Marilyn

    Refiners, I'd love to know why the old heart pounds practically outta the chest when they call. Dammit. Anywho don't get your hopes up - coz no matter which way you play it, they eventually work out that you know too much and then they won't talk to you after that. The last lot that called on me did some very clever detective work - even asking other congregation members if they had had interesting talks with me. This was a wonderful excuse for them to stop coming coz they were reallys struggling with some of stuff I was throwing at them about blood. How cool is that? Oh she knows too much so we don't ahve to answer her hard questions now. Mmmmm.

    Anyway it was a nice day to be out on the work today yeah? Poor buggers.


  • plmkrzy


    to bad there isn't a way we could get some action going on how long refiners can keep it up without cracking

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well, any ensuing action will be posted.

    Ive got no doubt they will expose me in the end, either that or put me in the too hard basket. But if I can plant some seed in a couple of Dubby minds, seed that might sprout twofold, threefold, tenfold, in two, three or ten years.... then I will have done all I can do.

  • Robdar

    hopefully, I'll have a study with the young fella. Dont know how long it will last, because I'll refuse to use their pubs and insist on a BIBLE study. Reckon he will go for that?


    I did something similar to your idea a few years ago. I wouldn't allow the dub studying with me to use the Bible. She had to tell me her reasoning for believing the WTS without any crutches, only logic. I also requested equal time to respond with my beliefs and why I believed them. This dub went along with it for about a month. The conversations were always pleasant. Then, one day, she didn't show up for the study. I was disappointed. She always seemed as if she was having a good time.

    I wish you lots of luck and look forward to your reports.



  • imanaliento

    thats a day brightener,

    better to keep them busy at your door than someone else's. Brush up on your questions for their RV, and offer them a beer next time.

  • COMF

    You didn't invite them in? How are you going to become a bible student with all kinds of questions about stuff you read on the internet if you don't invite them in?

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