Can anyone recommend books?

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  • patio34

    A really good book to help turn around the profound and extreme pessimism of the JW world view is:

    The End of History and the Last Man by Francis Fukuyama

    It gives a refreshing and well-evidenced view on the world situation and where it may be headed. It actually gives a good pattern that's been going on and seems to be the wave of the future. Dare I say it? It gives hope for the future (JW cultphrase). But it's political theory and not the dim dark kind that's always in the news. I loved it!

    Lest the name mislead you, the "end of history" means that it's reached the culmination and there won't be much more change (governmentally speaking) and "the last man" means the same thing.


  • patio34

    Hey Saint Satan,

    Thanks for posting that link--it's great!


  • Valis

    Be Here Now written by Ram Das...the illustrated edition is way cool


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  • FiveShadows

    Go to book website and look for "Index of Watchtower Errors" ...i forgot who wrote it..but there's only one book like that, that i've seen...and my's fantastic.~Fs

  • ballistic

    I'm certainly going to have to bookmark this thread and check back when I've read my first selection. Thanks for all the advice - really good selection I feel.

    I had beter give something back to this thread but I'm not that well versed in fiction. This is why I needed advise.

    But I have read

    The Eight Katherine Neville

    Catherine is a workaholic computer whizz who finds herself manipulated by sinister influences into using her problem-solving skills to find and reassemble a legendary chess set. It is a journey that takes her throughout time and history.

    I thought it was amazing, looks like some ratings agreed with me.

    And anyone into computers / future technology / science fiction may like this work of non-fiction:

    Beyond Humanity : Cyberevolution and Future Minds
    ~Gregory S. Paul, Earl Cox
    Charles River Media

    This volume discusses the implications of teaching our computers and robots to think. The authors, a paleontologist and an artificial intelligence guru, team up to present some of the sociological, theological, and scientific issues that we will face in the 21st century. Over 150 years ago Darwin realized that evolutionary change is the driving force in our universe. The text considers how Darwin failed to appreciate how fundamentally the evolution of science and technology will change not only our world, but our very minds - and how soon it may happen.

  • Englishman

    This is fascinating. I have always read lots of books, but last year I realised that all my favourite authors were blokes. Time to broaden my outlook, Mr.E!

    I'd ploughed through Wilbur Smith, Robert Ludlum, Andy McNab, John Grisham, you name it I'd read it. Then someone suggested a female author named Caro Fraser. She writes novels based on the UK legal system. The books are absolutely superb. The only thing is that she seems convinced that all fellas are homosexuals, and one gets the feeling that she feels a little left out of it all.

    A very good read though.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    If you just want to read a novel, The Larry McMurtry "Lonesome Dove" books are the best thing Ive read in years. "Streets of Laredo" and "Comanche Moon" especially.

  • Mac

    The Power of Myth ..............Joseph Campbell

    Leaves of Grass.................. Walt Whitman

    Autobiography of a Yogi.......Paramansa Yogananda

  • Yerusalyim

    Anything by Tom Clancy or Faye Kellerman, for a laugh, do the "Left Behind" Series by LeHaye and Jenkins.

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