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  • Hyghlandyr

    JWs rock.....

    It is the ones that ARENT JWs that suck. Like the ones that set up the policies that allow people to be abused. And the abusers. Other than that I think they totally kick ass.

  • RandomTask
    Yes I was so freakin' cool as a JW. Like I was part of God's mafia or something.

    This calls for a repost...

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  • caligirl

    I felt terrible and foolish. Deep down I totally resented being unable to be myself and HATED havng to be "different"

  • Wolfgirl

    Sometimes I felt embarrassed and wished I could just be like everybody else. Other times, I felt really special. And it sickens me that I was so looking forward to Armageddon...couldn't wait till "the destruction of the ungodly people." Uck.

  • bay64me

    When I got the "truth", I was on a mission and that was to save all those in my territory. I really believed that i could do that, single-handedly!

    I made so many return visits, started a fair number of bible studies and took it all very seriously. I believed every word that was written in the watchtower, always had kingdom ministry inserts at hand to assist me in my endeavour to save people.

    Looking back, I can see now why those bastards that were brought up in it did not share with me in my newly-found joy. They obviously despised me for "doing the right thing"! Though at that time I had no knowledge of 'the half-hearted-witness-syndrome'

    The tables have turned somewhat now though, I despise those that lied to me, those that led me to believe that they had all the answers when they obviously did not.

    I despise those that rambled on and on about this 'loving worldwide brotherhood' those that recited watchtower phrases and cliche`s, long and drawn out tedious comments that were not based on truth, but rather gained them approval from certain individuals in the congregation.

    And so I ramble, but yes, sadly I did feel special, that makes me feel like a prat now!

  • minimus

    "those bastards that were brought up in it did not share with me in my newly-found joy"....WOW, that statement is so true. Iused to feel that you newbies were all on a spiritual high. We knew that eventually that things would wear off for you or you would be one of those self-righteous ones we all hate.


    WHY od course---like my shit did not stink for one thing..queenie

  • ugg

    no,,,not really,,,,,(why yes,,,,thank you,,,,i am very humble...hahahahahahahahah) yes,,,i do take

    my humble pills every morning....right along with my little happy pills.....

  • freeman

    Come to think of it, I did feel special in one sense knowing the supposed real reason the world was in the shape it was in and also knowing what was just about to happen any day now. At the same time, I also felt a bit stupid having to be so different then the rest of the world. Deep inside, I believe all I wanted was to be normal like everyone else.

    It can't be denied that the organization promotes the idea that as a JW you are special; their literature is replete with such nonsense. I liken it to a club mentality, with only the members knowing the secret handshake.

    A few years back I was doing special work for the government. I held a security clearance well above Top Secret. And from time to time I met with others to discuss some of the details of our projects. When I went to these classified meetings it was like a club atmosphere. Everyone there felt just a bit more privileged, just a bit better and a cut above everyone else. It was kind of a snobbish club to say the least.

    And that is precisely what being part of the Watchtower is all about. As a JW, you are an exclusive club member. From the special buzzwords and unwritten rules of the club, right down to the secret handshake, you are better then everyone else.

    What jerks we all were.

    Freeman (Wishing he never learned the secret Watchtower handshake)

  • coffee_black

    I was raised in it.

    I felt special only because I was part of the group. As an individual though, one wasn't supposed to call attention to oneself. You weren't supposed to stand out in a croud. I have a talent in art, and every time I created something, I was accused by some of bragging...or trying to be noticed.

    The self esteem came because of the group. You didn't have any of your own.


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