Let's shake things up at Beliefnet

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  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    I was posting in there too up until recently but I am back

    Really nice to see so many others in there now. RedHorseWoamn is wonderful.

  • mpatrick

    I have been posting on the Beliefnet site for over a year now. I use to post as "mpatrick" there but changed my username to "loveofwaterlilies". I like it because I can keep up with it a little better than I can here (threads move way too fast for little ole' me).

    It is good to see some new posters over there. It seems if you like talking more doctrinal issues, it is the place to go. But, I still like lurking here for the "good association" with all you fellow "opposers"!

    RedhorseWoman has become quite the valueable asset over there! I really enjoy reading her post! (Even though I heard she was Wiccan..LOL!)


  • professor


    I love your posts at Beliefnet! Glad to know you are here too!


  • mpatrick

    Thank you professor! It is good to see some new posters over at Beliefnet. It seems as if we have a new poster by the username "b12345" who is having some fun posting this thread over at the Beliefnet board.

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  • detective

    Well, said poster has already dallied in apostateland so I'm not really sure what their point is? Perhaps they are attempting to stymy the postings of interested ones by suggesting there is something wrong with posting at both sites? Surely as they lap up the information on this board, doing so doesn't cast aspersions on their character? But somehow posting on both boards manages to discredit us? I suppose it's somehow different for them as maybe they just read the board here as opposed to posting on it? I guess Jehovah loves eavesdroppers?

    Since you're here already, B1234...
    why not contribute to this board as well. I mean, you've already committed the sin, right?

  • ApagaLaLuz

    I'm always up for a little cage rattling......... will do..... eye eye captain

  • professor

    Thanks! Except you should save talk like that for the Skipper!

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