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  • RedhorseWoman
    I believe she is not a JW.

    Pom, I've been corresponding with her. She is a JW....sort of. She has asked me not to reveal anything else.

  • detective

    I signed up, wrote a post and was unable to post it. It appeared to be a glitch of some sort. I'll try again later.

  • professor

    Nice to see you Redhorsewoman!

    That Illyria has put a big question mark above my head. I notice it says in her profile that she is uncertain and searching. Interesting.

  • Quotes

    I just found this little gem in the beliefnet.com thread "How to stop JW's visiting you..." (http://www.beliefnet.com/boards/message_list.asp?pageID=12&discussionID=169677&messages_per_page=4)

    My reply: We haven't been fed a steady diet of error, so there is no danger. We are the only religion on the face of the earth that knows the true identity of Babylon the Great, the Wild Beast, the Image of the Wild Beast, the Man of Lawlessness, the Kingdom, the Woman of Revelation, the meaning of Genesis 3:15, and much much more. Most religions do not have a clue what these mean, including you.

    I wonder if RoseMaybud is aware of the relationship WTBTS had with the UN... er, I mean the wild beast.

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    Whoops, RedHorseWoman beat me to it:

    This brings up the point of why the Society deemed it acceptable to join the Harlot Class in riding the Image of the Wild Beast....the UN. Since the WTBTS is now part of that "Harlot Class", according to their own "truth", where should YOU put YOUR loyalty?

    Damn, that RedHorseWoman is GOOD! You go, girl!

  • searcher


    I found that the easiest way is to have a good knowledge of the Bible and do NOT allow the caller to change the subject under discussion.
    After they have tied themselves in knots for a while trying to fit their beliefs into your quotes, they will then have to ' rush off to a prior appointment' and you will get some peace.
    Be aware though, that they will next send an elder who supposedly has a greater Bible knowledge, but these are as easy to deal with, because they do not study the Bible, they study watchtower publications, which are just thier 'interpretations' of the Bible, and are governing body based, not bible based.
    This should work, it did for me and for friends that I have advised.

    I posted the above, I hope it is subtle enough.


    edited for typo's!!

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  • professor

    It's very cool to see you guys posting over there. I enjoy that board and sometimes surf back and forth from here to there. There are actually some very interesting debates about JW issues going on over there!

  • plmkrzy

    I hadn't thought of posting a topic over there maybe my last one would be better suited for that forum since there are more JWs there then here? eh? yeh...no...?

  • Simon

    no proff ... that's not me I'm afraid. Too busy here to post elsewhere !

  • spider

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