Ruth's Watchtower (Part II)

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Well the "bleached bone burying" detail is better than the "pulling down of churches of Babylon the Great" detail, by a long way.

    At least its clean work, those bones are BLEACHED baby, let me tell you!

    Id rather be on the "making yourself available for lunches and dinners" detail, but that one is apparently reserved for ancient worthy ones like Abraham and Lot. Now Jehovahs "Theocratic New World Order Organization" hasnt stated that is the case, but it certainly appears to be the case. Actually its a bit peevy that none of the ancient worthies ever has to get their hands dirty on the "bleached bone burying" detail etc, but I dont murmur. It might APPEAR to be some form of favouritism manifesting there, and I havent even seen John Wayne or Bogey on the "bleached bone burying" detail come to think of it.

    Still, Im just glad to be alive and Im willing to accept whatever assignment Jehovahs "Theocratic New World Order" assigns me. I wouldnt run ahead of Jehovahs " Theocratic New World Order"


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