Ruth's Watchtower (Part II)

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  • ozziepost

    You can see the brooklyn worldview of utopia in this pic, eh? Little wifey at home, always immaculately attired, whilst hubby, no doubt "reaching out for eldership" is at work providing for his ideal family of one boy and one girl.

  • avengers

    I tell ya I wouldn't mind living there. Without the WT though. As you notice you don't see any WT buildings. Then where did the Bible come from, which one of the bro's is using? They probably have a super printing press at the New Jerusalem site.

    Anyway without all the garbage, I'd like to live there with my whole family. Isn't that what we all should be working on?

    Nice thread. What an idea. !!

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    That is definitely not Eddie murphy in the pic. Eddie got destroyed at the Big A. The guy kneeling down however is in fact "The Duke". Yes people John Wayne is there. Actually, I havent had brother John over to my place for dinner yet. Last night I had Moses over and we had a very lively discussion about how we each "came into the truth" (course I already knew HIS story, who doesnt, but im a real polite host). Noah was over the other week,and we sat on the porch looking at the glorious sunset and the waterfall that pours off the hill across the valley. Sure are a lot of waterfalls around in this new world I tell ya, one in every back yard! Actually, with good ole Noah things did get a little bit...well...drunken. Old Noah, I tell you, hes a tippler! ( I just wish he'd keep his clothes on when hes pissed, lol)

  • Prisca

    RF - Hilarious.

    Earnest Beavor aka Eager Beaver??????

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  • berten

    >...Last night I had Moses over and we had a very lively discussion about how we each "came into the truth"...

    Did you watch "The 10 commandments" with Mo ?

    What does he think of Charlie Heston's impersonation of him?


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    We dont have televisions and videos in the New System brother!! Im shocked you would even consider such a thing as possible.Those things are of the former world and they have passed away. No, simple Joyous pleasures are our lot here in the glorious New System . Watching Waterfalls. Carrying baskets of grapes around. smiling benevolantly upon our children as they recite their adventures of the day exploring Gods creation and running thru the fields ( each with his own pet lion of course). Oh. and we SMILE a lot (of course everyone has perfect whiter teeth here, even Bogey.Yes, Brother Humphrey is here too) oh and singing too, a LOT of singing and raising our hands into the sky in spontaneous praise to our dear heavenly Father. Thats about it, anyway, Ive got to smile benevolantly upon my wife now and praise her efforts, shes making lunch. King Solomon is dropping by. We would eat lunch on the rooftop garden but the next door neighbour woman is reclining on a banana lounge reading in her back yard and I dont want to throw any temptation before him. Oh Sorry... that was his dad wasnt it.....

    If your having trouble picturing things here... just think Julie Andrews at the start of the Sound of Music as the camera zooms in on her. Its sorta like that most of the time.

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  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    Something VERY NASTY is going on here!! These two guys have EACH OTHERS PANTS ON!!. How did THAT come about????. Hmmmmmmmm .

  • Mackin
    If your having trouble picturing things here... just think Julie Andrews at the start of the Sound of Music as the camera zooms in on her. Its sorta like that most of the time.

    Refiners, I'm shocked that you could ever even consider such an evil movie as The Sound of Music. My goodness, it has (and I can hardly bring myself to even type this) CATHOLIC people in it, NUN's even.

    How could you even think about such a wicked part of Babylon the Great in the setting of Jehovah's wonderful paradise earth. We all know the will be none of those evil CATHOLIC people there.

    I'm sorry brother but you've stumbled me.


  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    You are right brother Mackin.,

    Its only been 177 years since Armaggedon and some memories from the former wicked world still linger. The devil may indeed be chained but those memories which appear innocent (like Julie Andrews) are the most insidious and difficult to erase. Still, a few hundred more years of singing praises to Jehovah, meetings, tomatoe growing, waterfall viewing and uplifting conversations over vegetarian meals with the likes of Abel and The prophet Samuel should purify my mind of all disgusting memories of Julie Andrews fully. I hope so anyway. Then all I gotta worry about is making sure YOU get right with Jehovah again (as I stumbled you). After all, I dont want to be bloodguilty if Jehovah destroys you at the end of the 1000 years in the Final examination of hearts. Hmmm. Id better be getting to my cosy straw matress soon, Im assigned to the BLEACHED BONE BURYING detail in the morning.

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  • avengers

    Oh my God RF. Did you get that detail? I think they're giving you the shaft. But isn't that what they've always done?

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