Should we care about "lurkers"?

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  • WildHorses

    I've always wanted to know what is meant by the Brits when they say.........Sod Off?

  • ISP

    It means 'go away'....


  • ballistic

    Try frequenting a few other sites on other topics (such as gaming or IT) around the net frequented by non-religious persons (and people without a shared background as we have) and you'll be suprised to find quite cival conversation and a lack of porn, obscene words and bickering. I think many people coming here would be shocked, and I dread to think what they would think when entering sites with no moderation.

    I think the answer to all this lies in to what percentage you feel you are here for yourself, and what percentage you are here for others. - In other words a kind of selfishness factor. I would say everyone is a little selfish in this regard. I am probably 75% selfish and 25% post with regard to lurkers and so on. Someone with no concern for lurkers whatsoever and with thier only interest being free speech I would put closer to 100% selfish.

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  • Englishman

    It means: I care so little about you, it wouldn't worry me if you became a Sodomite. In other words, go away, rent boy!

    Can be used sometimes with a degree of cameraderie, depends on the tone and the intent, bit like the Ozzie's calling you a bastard.


  • TruckerGB

    I hope this is in context with this threads title,I will call my humble comments to swear or not to swear.

    I have what I call my works lingo and my out of works lingo.I can eff and blind as well as anybody and frequently do in my working environment,its male dominated,(Trucking)and is considered to be perfectly acceptable.Its the works lingo.

    My out of works lingo,the place where a person is at home,with friends,being oneself,has very little time for effing this and effing that,it is very rare to hear me swear in my own time so to speak,and I dont like to hear it from others,particularly if it is written.

    If I am standing next to a person who is using the f word,I have the choice to tell them to pipe down,if it is written I dont,its there in my face and I have no choice and I dont like it.I dont like to hear women using the f word and I wont use it in front of a women,old fashioned?,nah,I just see no need for it.

  • WildHorses

    LOL, I think I will start using that term. Thanks!

  • funkyderek
    Brits swear and blaspheme more than any other nation

    The f*** you do! I think the Irish have the edge on that!

    Regarding whether we should care about lurkers, if there's a choice between alienating people I know are here, who contribute to the board, and whom I care about; or possibly offending some people who may be lurking, I know what my choice would be.

  • SixofNine

    Exercising good judgement and soundness of mind when using electronic communication will ensure that our minds are filled with "precious and pleasant things of value."

  • Fe2O3Girl

    My 0.02 worth........

    I view this form of communication as part of real life. To me, it feels like wandering into a big room where we are all gathered, having lots of conversations....oh look - there's Sirona, I always say hello to I view that thread, and might respond. Then there is someone I have not seen before, I will listen to their introduction. Over there is YouKnow, I never listen to his conversations. Here are a group talking about sex, lets see what they have to say........someone in the corner is talking about the NWT, I am so over that I can't be bothered listening to it.

    The title of a thread usually gives a good indication of its content, I choose what to view and reply to.

    I believe that there are real people with real feelings behind all the text on this site. So, I treat people as I do in face to face communication. After I first left the bOrg, I used to swear like a trooper, with no thought to context or company. I grew out of it. It is just not my style to be aggressive with people, so I would not be aggressive and abusive to fellow posters.

    Sometimes I get the impression that sitting alone in front of a screen makes people behave in a manner which they never would in "real" life. But this is real.

    Reminds me of all the big clever put downs that people reckon they have said to Dubs at their door when they are talking to their mates. Strange in 22 yrs I never heard anything more inspired than "I am not interested" or "I am a Catholic". People are a lot braver and clever down the pub than they are on their own doorsteps.......

  • waiting

    My husband & I went to a local bar last night after work. A local meeting place for doctors/car salesmen/truckers/small business men (and always a couple of women too.) As always, some had too much to drink, getting loud, others watching the races, others gambling/playing pool.

    What was missing was the multitude of curse words, dirty hand signals, yelling at each other, attacks, etc. The sexual talk was there (I'm assuming) - but definitely not loud enough to be heard with ease. I'm not saying it didn't happen, occasionally, but not on a regular/semi regular basis - and certainly not loudly or profusely. I know arguments break out there - and are stopped.

    These were ALL worldly people, primarily men who had been drinking. And car salesmen just aren't known for their gentility. But they usually know how to have common courtesy. If not, the owner, Cliff, said he'd make them leave until they got some. He says it's his place - and if they don't like it, go drink/play someplace else. Btw, my husband's been going there for about 25 years, every Weds & Fri after work.

    Personally, I think that's how a forum should be. All the overtones/undertones will still be present, but common courtesy - allowance for others, must be there also.

    As for jw's? I suspect they can muddle through a couple of breast/penis pictures, some arguments, etc. It's a rude awakening, but survivable. But when all that becomes the routine instead of the extra-ordinary, then perhaps we need to look at ourselves as to what type of world we portray.

    What we say quietly between friends most likely isn't what we shout across the room in a public place. Afterall, this is a public place.....and this is only mho.


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