Do you feel guilty about bringing people. . .

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  • StinkyPantz

    into the borg?

    I fortunately was never able to have a bible study grow all the way to the point of baptism. But for those of you who did, do you feel guilty about bringing another person into what I think of as a cult? Or if guilt isn't what you feel, how do you feel and if you DO feel guilty, did you ever try to get them back out?

  • teenyuck

    Since I never had a bible study with anyone, I don't feel too bad.

    If I had brought someone in, I would be doing my best to make them see the light. Books, changes in policy over the years etc. If that did not work, I would give up. As I am doing with m mother.

  • freedom96

    Guilty? No. Pissed off? Oh yes! I introduced my best friend to the organization, and he is majorly gung ho, and no way that I can tell him what I have found out. All I can hope for is that he sees the light. Soon. He leads a good clean life, which I contribute to his involvement, has a great family, so I cannot say for certain that it has harmed him, though I am sad that we cannot communicate about this.

  • gsx1138

    I'm very guilty. My one of two wordly friends since I was 15 started studying because of me. Now, after 18 years he has decided to start shunning me. I told him the WTS were full of shit and gave him a ton of examples why. All he did was laugh nervously and I haven't seen or talked to him since. That was 2 months ago.

  • LB

    Nothing makes me feel worse than introducing my son. It was the dumbest mistake I've ever made.

  • dsgal

    I never brought anyone into it,thank God.I do ,however feel foolish for trying to convince people it was the truth.Lucky for them,they didn't listen to me.Now I can see why.

  • minimus

    yup...I was such a good teacher, they're all still in strong.

  • Larry

    Well, not really. I think those that come into the BORG are ready - They come in no matter who teaches them. As a saying goes "when a students is ready the teacher comes." I helped this one guy from another country (Sri Lanka) get baptized. He left his family, wife and three children, to get out of major debt in his country. Of course he overstayed his visa and I asked the brothers if his now 'illegal status' would be a problem with his studies - After all, he was breaking 'Caesar's Laws.' The Elders wrote the BORG and the BORG said it was alright, and we shouldn't get involved with his business. I was a bit surprise with the response, but I guess they wanted members. When I was exiting the BORG he started carrying the mics and getting ready for his 'questions.' I wonder what happen to him after his baptism? Anyway, I think people come into the BORG mainly b/c they are ready to make that move - whether we teach them or not.

    However, I definitely feel guilty about the Judicial Meetings I partook in :-/

    Peace and Security - LL

  • BluesBrother

    Yes. There was one young man who went through a lot of family pressure to come "Into the truth" . i wonder what he is doing now? I would really like to tell him what I now know. Perhaps i can Contact him one day.

    There is some truth in the points above about students wanting it at a time in their life. He just fell into it . If only his father had known how to present a reasonable argument , perhaps he would not have done it

  • ISP

    Nope......i did not bring any in. at the end I dreaded the thought of someone actually wanting a bible study.


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