Do you feel guilty about bringing people. . .

by StinkyPantz 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • nita6368

    I had two bible studies, one stopped on her own thank goodness, the other I ended when I caught her screwing around with my then husband----- a fine brother reaching out for priviledges....he was reaching out for something I guess!

  • StinkyPantz


    That's terrible! Men. . . .

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  • Solace

    Are you kidding?

    I feel guilty for every single watchtower I placed. The ones I left at laundrymats even cause me to lose sleep.

    OMG Nita.....

  • scumrat

    Hey Heaven, Don't worry too much about the Watchtowers at the laundrymats, I've been throwing them out for years.

  • Solace

    Scum, (awww, feel bad calling you that)

    That does make me feel better. Thanks.

  • Grout

    I brought one person in. But he slept with my wife, so I figure we're even.

  • professor

    I was only good at selling Watchtowers and books. I never got anyone in either. Now I'm trying to make up for all that crap I peddled.

  • Prisca

    Didn't bring in a single person, thank goodness. Although I can relate to what Heaven said - I feel guilty for all the return visits, the WTs I placed, and even for disturbing all those people on Saturday mornings. Part of me would like to go back and apologise to all those people, silly as it may sound.

  • refiners fire
    refiners fire

    I recieved a phone call about 7 years ago from someone I went to school with 25 years before. He was a bully boy at school but he remembered me and tracked me down 25 years on to tell me he had found THE TRUTH! He was very disappointed when I told him I was DF, and he tried to talk me back to the meetings. Dont know what thats got to do with this thread.... sigh.

  • hippikon

    I feel dumber about the stupid things that came out my mouth - them that joined were more stupid for believing it. (Anyway only a couple ever took it seriosly and they were such "personality chalenged cripples" they needed the crutch just to survive the next day - they couldn't live in a real world so I don't regret it)

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