Do you feel guilty about bringing people. . .

by StinkyPantz 21 Replies latest jw friends

  • Solace

    Refiners, makin me giggle

    Prisca, Aww,, I know... Kinda makes ya feel like crapp sometimes ya know?

    Allright darnit, Im only gonna say this once,

    Im Sorry!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    There, I feel much better now.

  • saltiest

    When I was in high school my close (non-JW) friend and I were getting even closer. We figured the only way to spend more time together was to have her attend meetings, and then that way she was at gatherings and such with me. Well, eventually they got after her for a book study and she did it, but luckily pretty much said screw it after a couple years (about when I left, too).

    At least now when shows like Dateline, or articles about JW's pop up, I have someone to talk to about it who has been through some of it with me. Not a childhood like mine, but she is aware of how certain things went down. Definitely makes it easier deal with.

    I don't know what I would've done if she had kept up with the meetings and gotten baptized. I most likely would be feeling some big time guilt.


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