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  • zev

    ok, now that we ae done.....here's the "scoop".

    Gwen and I went to two meetings (3 actually, but that extra one was a mistake in timing, speach council point 99, i got a "W" on that one)

    we got the two disfellowshipping parts mentioned from the august KM on tape. i am hoping to get it transfered to a file on my computer and put out here for y'all to hear.

    it was very interesting and damning, as the extra curricular comments made was more upsetting that you can imagine.

    also, we got stopped when we were leaving the first one we tapped, and the guys comments to us was most interesting

    i called this covert operations, as i obviousley am disassociated, we went somewhere i would not be known, and walked in like a couple of people who walked in off the street, and sat down and listened. (and taped)

    damn that tape hurts when ya rip it off!

    soon as i get it all done i'll post the information, and the files.

    try not to hurl.

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  • Elsewhere

    Hoo Ya! Go get em!

  • myself

    Way to go Zev and Gwen. Oh I hope the tape turns out so we can hear. If not how about at least a transcript. This is great

  • Elsewhere

    Let me know if you need a place to host it!

  • ashitaka

    Nice, I was waiting for this.


  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ

    I can provide hosting space if needed as well. When you have it ready say so and I'll give you an FTP address.

  • scumrat

    Let's watch how we walk and watch how we talk.... Oh !!!!!!!!! Watchtower your waters are drying up. You no longer soothe. You are as barren as the desert. Just like Babylon, your days are numbered, never to be inhabited again.....

  • Nikita

    Whoa, "covert operations"- I just love the sound of that!


  • maximumflash

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  • Beans

    Zev: I love this Kingdom Hall Smut. Keep it coming agent 00ZEV


    Canadian Overbeer

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