I'm Back, Sorta

by Yerusalyim 34 Replies latest jw friends

  • Beck_Melbourne
    So I've been gone for a few months, GET OFF MY BACK ALREADY.

    You were missed *slap*


  • onacruse

    Yeru: As a born and raised JW, I never served in the military. But one thing I distinctly remember...I always had (and still have) respect for the active duty and veteran soldiers I met; they show the guts to put their lives on the line for what they believe.

    My hand is out to you! Looking forward to reading your comments here.


  • butalbee

    Hey darlin', I missed ya!!!! How about a pic or two of that big gun of yours????

  • Lefty


    Thanks, I know you meant that as a tease and a congratulations not as an intentional dig at those of us who defend your right to believe a false religion.

    You're wrong on all three counts, Yeru:

    1. I wasn't teasing you.
    2. I wasn't congratulating you for being the patriotic person that you are.
    3. And, you don't defend any right that I enjoy -- whether it be a true religion or not. So, Catholic boy, go shine your boots and don't forget to kick yourself in the behind with at least one of them.

    Friday (who has more courage in his little finger than Yeru does in his whole body.)


  • Simon

    Well done Yeru!

  • Farkel

    Good to cya again, Yeru!

    If you have to go to Iraq, would you personally put a bullet in that asshole's brain for me?


  • rmayer32


    As a veteran myself I congratulate you on your promotion.

    And on a side note who would have ever thought my beloved US Navy would do business with the WTS??? Oh well, it's a good thing if it makes more people see just what double standard crap the WTS spews from it's rotten, foul mouth!


  • Salud

    My question is what are you going to do with all that extra cash they are paying you now?!?

  • 144thousand_and_one

    Congratulations, Yeru!!! I think the vast majority of folks in this country are very thankful for what you and the others in the service do for us and are also very proud of your efforts!

    Friday/Lefty/Ungrateful Jerk: You ought to fly to Afghanistan with your Watchtowers and go to the areas known to be inhabited by the Taliban and do some preaching there. Maybe then you'll appreciate what guys like Yeru do for all of us. Your cult certainly enjoys the benefits of our government, but is unwilling to contribute anything in return, other than an annoying knock at the door and destruction of our environment through the massive printing of sickening cult propaganda. You are a wannabe Jehovah's Witness anyway; by your own admission, you're inactive. Now get back to the kingdom hall and scrub the poop rings out of the toilet, and maybe the elders will be moved enough by your buttkissing to promote you to ministerial servant.

  • RedhorseWoman

    Congrats, Yeru.....and nice to see you back!

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