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  • Been there
    Been there

    Forgot the most important thing.

    Welcome aboard Scooby.

  • BugParadise

    Hi Scoobie!

  • Trotafox

    Don't worry. You're in truthful hands, Scooby. Look forward to your posts.


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  • ballistic

    Hi, I'm Ballistic! And yes I'm not far from Southampton. Tell me roughly where you are (county will do) and I'll add you on.

  • myself

    Welcome Scooby Glad you posted. So you know about us bad apostates huh? LOL. Well while I wait for your next post I am going to try Cassi's Scooby snack recipe.

  • ScoobySnax

    Thanks for all your nice welcomes and some of those graphics!!! LOL. Just give me time!..... So how'd you start on this thing?... where do I start!!!????.......... Well I'm inactive for a few years now, but have been "lurking" for a while now on this site, and have even got the "feel" of what different posters are about. I can't honestly say that I feel as most of you do, I still got alot of affection for the witnesses, and what I still believe to be the truth. Its very difficult as even though I respect your views and I come here of my own accord, I couldn't help feeling as a "lurker" a bit hurt sometimes about things posted. There does seem to be so much anger and bitterness here, and maybe thats where the confusion on my part stems from, I don't think I could ever feel about the JWs as you do (or the GB, the ORG, the "BORG" lol... whatever you call it), on the whole I have never experienced that, despite problems I have encountered, the elders, brothers and sisters have been nothing but loving and helpful towards me. Thats not to say that I'm saying points raised here onJWD are invalid, not by any means. I've read so many of yours, and my heart goes out to some of you, .... but its just my own personal experience. Well there's an opening for ya!..........have I made any friends? (lol) Thanks again for the warm welcomes. look forward to hearing more. Scott

  • Mac

    Scooby snacks! I am there!

  • butalbee

    Welcome to the board--scooby.

  • Prisca

    Hello and welcome!

  • SYN

    Hi there stranger!

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