Women. Periods, and how to cope with them .....

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  • alirobbi

    You guys think you have it bad, you ought to be in a relationship when both you and your partner have PMS at the sametime. I tell ya it aint pretty.


  • butalbee
    full body massages with hot oil.

    Oh baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Princess

    My kids are close together so I was pregnant and/or nursing for almost four years. 3.83 to be exact. Trust me, this is not a good solution to the problem. Ask Steve.

    I don't have them more than two or three times a year. Got to love the Pill.


  • siegswife

    Wouldn't it be cool if we could get our periods to disappear with Yardirfs apostrophes?

  • Mulan

    Gotta love menopause. It's all over for me. I breezed through that time, and felt great. I feel even better now without the monthly hassle. Glad to be done with it.

    When I was raising my sons, with Princess in the middle, anytime we were in a bad mood, or I told them "NO", I was accused of having my period. It was really irritating if I was.

    Poor Princess............they were merciless with her. She got her revenge though............she had her ways.

    I read "The Red Tent" last summer, about Rachel and Leah, and Bible times. I loved their customs for the monthly visits. During that time of the month, the women (often the whole group of them) would go into the tent, and be exempt from work. That would have been heaven.

    My hubby was very understanding though.............what choice did he have? He couldn't tell me to not have one, could he?

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  • TR

    What do I do in this situation? Stay the hell away and say NOTHING.


  • Farkel

    : What I want to know is advice from the guys only on coping stategies on dealing with your woman at this most trialsome time of the month for you all.

    During that er, period, I used to schedule business appointments from my San Diego office. In Boston.


  • messenger

    It is good to let the little lady take a break for a week no wood splitting, car washing or lawn mowing. Just don't let her give you any lip. If she gets grumpy, just say, "Are you on the rag again??" That is usually enough to remind her to be submissive. If she tries to give you a dirty look, just call a couple of elders over to discuss her untheocratic attitude toward submission to proper authority.

    When properly trained all you should have to do is raise your finger as a reminder and she will quickly apologize for not respecting your headship. Just make sure the little woman never forgets a period is never an excuse not to honor and respect those she is authorized by God to obey.

    Any other questions?

  • Beck_Melbourne

    messenger: are you my ex mister tough guy?

  • c5

    It has been reported that having intercourse during a woman's cycle can lesson or aleviate the pain of menstral cramps. Relief and pleasure at the same time, can't get better than that!

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