Women. Periods, and how to cope with them .....

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  • Celtic

    Puts plugs in his ears from the start.

    Now, it don't seem to be my imagination, but many ladies for some inexplicable reason seem a tad unreasonable at least once a month where anything I do seems to be wrong in their eyes. Most ruddy irksome it is from a guys point of view I can tell ee. Here we are, quite happy in our own right, say something to this here balmpot, and wowwwwww irritable utterances just tumble forth with such degrees of unreasonableness tis almost funny to observe, but dare I laugh in their presence whilst she be in this most unpredictable of states? I think not, lest I wish my head to be well and truly bitten off.

    What I want to know is advice from the guys only on coping stategies on dealing with your woman at this most trialsome time of the month for you all. Any offers of assistance and/or anecdotes much appreciated.

    Celtic Mark - Cornwall UK

  • Prisca

    hahaha... this thread should get interesting

    *gets out the popcorn*

  • Angharad

    ***Steals Prisca's popcorn ***

    Celtic - I think now would be a good time for you to run for cover

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  • Englishman

    Ha ha! You're a brave man indeed Celtic!

    I've been known to stick me own neck out on occasion too..............!


  • jack2

    My wife suffers from depression, and more than her difficult periods (they are heavy with bad cramping), it was the depression that made things tough. The meds she is takiing now are very helpful.

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  • teenyuck
    The Onion , "America's finest news source," which convinced a Chinese news agency that the U.S. Congress was seeking a new building, announced on July 24 (2002) that the Health and Human Services Department of the U.S. federal government will test the nation on its knowledge of menstruation, just as it examined the entire nation for scoliosis recently. As it wrote:
    The next mandatory HHS initiative is slated for October. Titled "It's Perfectly Natural," the program will address the topic of menstruation.
    "We'll be giving out free Kotex sanitary napkins and tampons, and showing the 1973 film Donna, You're Not Alone," Krasnow said. "And if you men out there think you're exempt from attending, think again. We'll be holding a concurrent, men-only talk about what to expect from puberty. And let's refrain from the giggling, shall we?"

    Have you heard that new womens radio station yet?
    WPMS. They play the blues for three weeks then they raga for a week.
    Another one:
    A girl has her first period while she's in the school playground. Since she has no idea what it is, she shows it to a boy. He looks at it, then looks her in they eyes and says "Well, it's pretty obvious, innit? Someone cut your willy."
    And an old one I didn't find in your page:
    - Why do tampons have strings?
    - So cooties can go bungee-jumping!
    This is one of many vampire jokes:
    What do they do with used tampons ?
    They make chewing gum for vampires !
    And from the menstration museum:
  • butalbee

    My grandfather used to mark down on a calendar this 'special' time of my grandma, then he'd move outside and stay in the camper until it was safe.

  • maximumflash

    Take a week long vacation out of the house every month! Or send her on a vacation one week every month! LOL

  • ugg

    live with it guys!!!!!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahha

    ps....you know your having a bad day when your tampon is sitting on
    your ear,,,and you can't find your pencil!!!! hahahahahahahahh

  • teenyuck

    [email protected]

    Get with the program guys. Until we are in our late 40's we will do it as often as necessary to keep out bodies running smoothly.

    Give us what we want, when we want it, don't question the cost, don't question the reason. If we want it up, give it up, if we want it down, go down , if we change our mind, accept the fact that every month we lose some blood. And live through it. We have cramps that make kidney stones seem benign; and live through it. We have mood swings; and live through it.

    You men cry like babies. If you had to go through what we go through for 30 + years, you would all be better men.

    edited to add: I just had mine for two weeks....you want to talk moods?

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