Women. Periods, and how to cope with them .....

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  • hillary_step

    Laura Nyro once wrote a marvelous song about menstruation. It was called 'Waiting For Lunar Rose'. ( Rose with a accent on the 'e' , as in the wine ). Only she could make the whole sorry process sound so beautiful...lol

    Hillary - thankfully a cycle-free zone.

  • Dino

    Puffs, check out the nineteenth century Italian menstrual pad!

    It's still has stains!

    *passes on lunch*

  • safe4kids


    Keep talkin' and I have the feeling you won't have to worry about dealing with any of the above ever again!


  • xenawarrior

    Gee Mark:

    Now, it don't seem to be my imagination, but many ladies for some inexplicable reason seem a tad unreasonable at least once a month where anything I do seems to be wrong in their eyes.

    Anything you do seems to be wrong in my eyes all month. I wonder what that means? Does it mean that I have my period all month or that you are simply an irritant all month?

    *scratches her head*


  • searcher

    To all the men out there.

    There are only TWO things a man has to know to get through 'that time'

    1. The woman is ALWAYS RIGHT!

    2. See 1

    Trust me, it works.


  • DJ

    LOL @ MARY!!!!!!! So true!!!!!!!!.

    Mark........I don't see too many men responding with the help that you desire. I would suggest that you do what my husband does.........Cook the dinner or order take-out (order xtra) . Ask her if there is anything you can do for her.......THEN DO IT........other than that keep your mouth shut. Also keep tabs on the calendar so you can prepare yourself. dj

  • jack2

    Butalbee, you are soooo right!

    - jack2 (of the one is enough class)

  • Sirona

    From what I hear, it has been found that men also have hormonal cycles of 6 weeks or so.

    Men also get bad moods and wierd ways that WE have to put up with....but its not as easy for us because its not so predictable.

    I mean how stupid is a man who says "whats up?" when he's been with you for years and should realise that you are premenstrual?!


  • LDH

    Shutterbug, (and anyone else reading this thread).....

    RUN don't walk to your wife's GYN. Loss of sexual desire after menopause is NOT normal and can be an indicator of hormone imbalances.

    I have known women who cannot explain why they have no sex drive at a time in their life when they should be spontaneous and free, for obvious reasons. (Hello!!! no periods, no pregnancies, etc)

    They can be fine with a testosterone injection, and I have even seen women turn into roaring tigers who've "gotta have it."

    I fell bad for you because it seems you really don't know much about women's physical and emotional makeup, which could be another part of the reason the faucet has been shut off, quite frankly.

    Perhaps an honest and open discussion with your wife's GYN provider will restore her desire to have sex with you. If, that is, you're someone worth having it with!

    ----------->running for cover.....


  • searcher

    Sex Drive?

    Who said women could drive?

    searcher (leaving for parts unknown)

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