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  • teejay

    Hello, Capbuster.

    It's nice that you are interested in helping some of your lifelong friends. If you want to know about Jehovah's Witnesses, you've come to the right place. There's a search feature here, too. You can use it to see many of the specific topics that we've talked about in the past.


  • CC Ryder
    CC Ryder

    Hey Capbuster, A warm welcome to you. You'll make alot of good friends here who will help you alot. Look forward to reading your posts and wish you the best with your JW friends.


  • Beans


  • capbuster

    Thanks Beans, but I have already been on this site. I havn't near read it all but what I have read is so overwhelming. Does anybody have any advice on how I should approach this? It is going to be so hard to convince these people about the borg and still remain close friends. I thought about the idea I read on someone else's thread about mailing some things to them, but I don't know. HELP


  • Joyzabel

    Welcome, (I'm sorry its just a plain "welcome", I'm too computer illiterate to do anything fancy, so use your own imagination )

    I hope you learn a lot here and remember that this is a place for healing. So sometimes the healing pains get a little hurtful. Please don't ever take it personal.



  • jgnat

    Hi, capbuster, and welcome. I hope you enjoy the board as much as I do. I too, was never part of the organization, but because my loved one is, I am getting an education fast.

    From my experience so far, this is what has worked:

    • Try and expose them to non-threatening friendships outside the WTS as much as you are able, such as neigbourhood potlucks, a simple dinner, etc. It would help if you knew what evening they have free. WTS members are constantly fed a very negative view of all "worldly" associations.
    • Do nice things for them with no expectation of reward. In otherwords, display Christlike behavior.
    • Ask lots of innocent questions. They are fed so much doctrine, their opinion is never solicited. Anything to get them to think.
    • Don't get in to the typical tangle talks about opposing beliefs. Who cares about the trinity? Who can really establish the nature of God anyways without asking Him? ...and besides, they have a ready made checklist to oppose anything you might come up with.
    • Start with the little stuff before working up to the big stuff. Leave the pedophile and blood issue stuff for the one-two punch at the end.

    Here are some test questions (and if anyone on board disagrees, please speak up):

    • If I read the bible without the assistance of the Watchtower and accepted Jesus as my savior, would Jehovah reward me with Eternal Life?
    • In my present condition, do you think Jehovah will reward me with Eternal Life? No? Why not? What about my children?
    • If you don't think I will be rewarded with Eternal Life, what do you think my future is?
    • If I showed you something from the Bible without the assistance of the Watchtower, that I earnestly believe, would you believe it is the truth?
    • Do you think some of the modern-day Christian heroes will be rewarded with Eternal Life (such as Mother Theresa)?
    • Do you think a prophet whose prophecy is proved wrong is a false prophet?
    • Only 144,000 to heaven! Wow. I thought they were to be as numerous as the sands at the sea. Then why did Jesus talk so much about the Kingdom of Heaven when it was for only such a small group?
    • Why don't you eat the bread and drink the cup at the Memorial as Jesus instructed?
    • You mean there are two classes of Christians? Why didn't Jesus talk about that?
    • Do you believe that some of the promises of God are only for the Anointed class? If so, could you point those ones out for me?

    By the way, don't say--

    • Heaven - Eternal Life
    • God - Jehovah
    • Hell - the grave
    • Trinity - Jehovah, Jesus, or Holy Spirit
  • capbuster

    Thanks jgnat for the help. I will print this out and try to memorize these. I've tried to get them interested in doing some of the things I do, but to no avail. I will try some of the other things.


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