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  • Prisca

    Hello and welcome to the board.

  • scootergirl

    A big welcome from me too! (what a nice friend you are to be such a support to your friends!)

  • butalbee

    Welcome aboard.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    YAR! Welcam abard me apostalic matey!

  • jack2

    Welcome Cap!

    Hey bug, I want to re-join the board so that I can get a nice welcome like that.

  • RandomTask

    Welcome, of course you are welcome.

    Bear in mind with your friends though that they may not listen to reason when it comes to their religion, no matter how strong the evidence is. Its best to pick it away slowly if you can.

    Then again you may just have some open minded friends who will listen to reason. Good luck to you and there is a ton of info on the web.

  • capbuster

    Thanks everybody for the welcome. I do have a lot of questions for you ex JW. I wasn't aware of all the False Proph's that they had done back in the 1800's and early 1900's. I didn't get to be friends with these people until about 1967. I never ever heard them talk about 1975. So finding that out was amazing to me, that how could anybody with any sense at all, be led astray by this doctrine. As we all grew older, and each one of us got married and went about our daily lives we still remained good friends, but I did notice a difference. Like they wouldn't come into my home or now there children won't either. My son and there son's ride 4 wheelers together, but they won't come into my home and sit down. I find that a little funny, as I have never said anything about there beliefs YET. It makes me feel like I'm some kind of enemy. But if you catch them out somewhere you couln't ask for better fellowship. It's really strange. Then there is this couple that helped raise me when my mother took off and left me and my brother with our Dad. He moved us back to where he was raised and she was very kind to me and my brother. We always respected her a great deal. Then when I had kids of my own, they called her Granny. She was later turned out of the KH because of smoking, and she never ever tried to get us to go to the KH or even be a JW. 30 years later her husband, we call him Papaw, past away a few months ago and he wasn't a JW, but she got one of the KH to people to speak at his funeral. She ask me what I thought of that and I told I wished she wouldn't be cause I know for a fact papaw didn't believe like she did. He only went along with all mumbo jumbo to get along with everybody. Well she did anyway, and after the the funeral she ask me what I thought of the way it was handled and I tried to be polite, by saying "Granny now isn't the time to talk about this, maybe in a few months we can," but she would not have it until I told her what I thought. Needless to say she didn't agree or like what I said and I really tried to be kind, and brief. That's when I decided to try to find out all I could so I could try to help these poor people. You all have made me more smarter about my cause. I will go very slow like one of you said. And I thank you for helping me. These are truly good people, just lead astray by what the Bible calls "a doctrine of devils." Thanks again for listening.


  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Welcome C.B. You and I are in the same boat. I've never been a JW, but have a friend who is one. I came to this board to try and figure them out....hold on to your hat...it's going to be a bumpy but interesting ride.

    These are a great bunch of people who've made me feel welcomed since last January. In fact, sometimes I 'feel' so much like an ex-Jw that I start mentally reminising about my old 'cong' in the 'borg' and then I have to stop, slap myself, and say "wait a minute, I was never a JW".

    Jump in whenever.... I look forward to your postings!

  • capbuster

    Thanks Double Edge. I will jump in soon enough. I sure don't want to get started off on the wrong foot. I am getting educated very fast and as you have said it is really bump, and scary. IT's hard to believe that anyone would let people rule them this way. IT's a crazy world, huh.


  • Trotafox

    Hi, Cap.....Glad you're aboard this crazy cuckoo train.

    Hang on!

    It's a wild ride. Tee-Hee


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