Brothers told to stop being wasteful!

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  • Mary

    Hi Simon;

    Regarding your post, no I don't think I saw the one about the Shunned Father looking for someone at Bethel. I've never been at Bethel, and the person I spoke to was a real good JW - she's NEVER say anything bad about the Society, she was simply trying to show that she was "in the know" at the Canadian Bethel.


  • ballistic

    I thought this was going to be another thread about masterbation!!!

  • Simon

    Thanks anyway Mary ... it was worth a try.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Hi Dmouse -

    Yes, if you are willing to email this scan and any future ones, I will be happy to do the OCR conversion to plaintext and post it in the same thread in which you post the scanned image.

    There are times when scans are best, and there are times when quotable text is best.

    Thanks for your understanding and cooperation. My email is open.

    (400 to 600 dpi is optimum.)

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  • The Alchemist
    The Alchemist

    Flip we probably agree more than disagree. "Serious money trouble" is matter of interpretation. Do I think that the GB will go to prison for tax fraud? No. Do I think that they will lose their limo service? No. I do think that things may soon reach a point when they will be forced to sell assets. First comes the economizing then the liquidation of assets. I think parts of Brooklyn will be up for sale. Last I checked there were 17 volumes of IRS taxe codes. It is very easy to make a mistake. In my situation the judge and two laywers, one who is a tax specialist, put into my divorce decree something that is in volation to the tax code. It makes an $18,000 tax deduction that they granted me invalid. Nobody wants the IRS digging into their business deciding what is taxable and what is not. Particulary a religion/publishing business that has never paid ANY taxes. The WT is at heart as far out as Jim Jones temple cult, Koresh's Waco cult and don't forget the zany Jim and Tammy Fay Baker Christ-o-World fiasco. Fanatics will do anything for the betterment of their organization legal or not. God is on their side don't you know? Besides that the New World is just around the corner. Sorry I just don't trust them.

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  • siegswife

    I think it's about money and apostates. I truly believe that they're concerned that apostates are getting the evidence material and using it.

    We all know that the WT condemns itself on a regular basis.

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