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  • Mary

    Paragraph 5 was particularly 12 diapered men in Brooklyn "have the responsibility" of telling me what I can and cannot read eh? ROFLMAO!!!

    Not anymore................these guys remind me of Julia Roberts' husband in the movie "Sleeping With the Enemy", that was out about 10 years ago. Controlling, manipulative, obsessive, paranoid, ready to punish at any imaginary "sin"........there's something mentally wrong with people like this; they just can't bear losing control of other people's lives...........well, just keeping on pumping the ol' craparoony out.....more and more will keep on leaving.

  • Xena

    When I think there was a time I would have parroted the appropriate responses to that in a meeting part it makes me close minded we controlled..

    I wonder how many of them actually believe and act on this stuff. ; I mean I know a lot of the old timers probably most of them think the internet is the Devils highway, but the younger ones...I need to feel my niece out on this one.

    Thank you so much for the is nice to see what they are up to

  • In_between_days

    Alot of JW's I have talked to sincerly believe that the internet is satans latest and most effective tool.

  • ItsJustlittleoldme


    This explains the sudden drop in emails from my JW friend.. I send him emails all the time saying Hi, and he usually replies with some off the wall question that he needs to know or something... Lately, he's been 'tooo busy' to respond to emails... Now I know why... I guess I should ask him if his conscience suddenly changed as related to the use of Email :-)

    Oh, and I've always wondered about the copyright issue with their literature... I find it very interesting, and revealing, that the NWT translation was done without the credits of the authors who wrote it, so that the glory can goto Jehovah, but any literature that they make is copyrighted to the 'Earthly Organization'.. I guess the earthly organization can get the credit, just no person individually... :-(

  • DJ

    Total Control Freaks. I guess they would lose $$$ if the publications were available on the internet? I get such a sick feeling when I read their patronizing, control freekishness now. dj

  • Liberated

    Thanks for scanning this.

    #2 "confidential information released at Kingdom Ministry Schools"??????

    #6 weren't we supposed to ask for donations? just because it's offered on the internet doesn't mean a donation shouldn't be requested

    It's another cult tactic of information control, no doubt about that.

    Couldn't help reading over the presentations to the right. Heads up householders, your response is not important [Allow for response.] they're going to continue anyway.


    edited to add

    ps when what's-his-name died at a convention [in Hawaii?] I learned about it first on the internet and called my brother [elder & PO] about it -- his smug reply was that he already knew and made me feel like there was something wrong with my knowing about it or telling about it -- why hadn't he told me? I thought we were 'one big happy family' -- he hadn't even told his own wife. What was the big secret???

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  • LovesDubs


    :::::much billowing of smoke, clanging of garbage can lids and pyrotechnics ensues for effect::::::

    the sheep scurry to delete their web pages, terrified that the God of the Watchtower will download a Godlike Virus into their pc.

  • imzadi

    Alot of JW's I have talked to sincerly believe that the internet is satans latest and most effective tool.

    I've found this to be true as well. One of my best friends is an "active" (attends meetings) JW, but though she leads a double life by breaking many JW taboos, she insists that the Internet is "evil" and won't use it unless she has to. Yet she's married to a non-JW software engineer who specializes in web applications. Go figure.

  • imanaliento

    Thanks for the article, I wanted to bring the attention to par 5 and that they should reread the WT 3/1/79 page 23 which states that this "faithful and discreet slave" was never inspired, never perfect. Those writings by certain members of the "slave" class that came to form the Christian part of God's Word were inspired and infallible, but that is not true of other writings since.

  • Mum

    I thought they wanted to get their worthless publications into the hands of as many people as possible. Why don't they just brag about how their "apostate enemies" spread the good news unwittingly by posting publications on the internet? The fact that "apostates" distribute so much JW material may be the reason why "regular publishers" need only report 15 minutes each month now. My fellow apostates, keep preaching the good news of the (Watchtower robot) kingdom despite their ingratitude!

    Sheesh! Try to help some people and they just don't appreciate it at all!

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