Sept KM Scan

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  • dmouse

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  • Wolfgirl

    Good ol' paragraph 5...*rolls eyes*

  • Vivamus

    Yuk!! Can't believe at one time, I actually fell for that crap.

  • professor
    There is no need for any individual, committee, or congregation to prepare a Web page about Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Simon, don't you feel silly now? All that work and there was already adequate information at!

  • LittleToe

    Roughly translated:

    We can do it, but you can't.

    Gotta love the veiled threats about copyright law, swiftly followed by scriptural reinforcement. THat last paragraph is a little terse, though. They must have struggled to fit it all on the back page, within two columns.

  • Scully
    Whether profit is involved or not, the practice of reproducing and distributing publications of Jehovah's Witnesses in an electronic document is a violation of copyright law.

    The courts in Norway didn't buy that argument when they tried to sue Kent Steinhaug et al for putting the "Pay Attention" book on a website. As a matter of fact, the matter was dismissed because the WTS did not sell the publication for profit, and was not financially harmed in having the publication distributed in this manner. There was also another counter-argument to their claim that since they did not charge consumers for any of their publications, they could hardly justify a copyright violation suit for someone else 'spreading their Good News'.

    Isn't it funny how they blow their horn whenever they win a legal case, but never mention a word to a bloomin soul when they lose??

    Love, Scully

    PS to add: I thought that for an actual copyright violation to hold up in court, the actual AUTHOR would need to be identified....

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  • Simon

    Thanks dmouse

    Interesting! The internet must be really hitting them for them to try and make it so off limits.

    I am amazed that some "have even offered copies of convention material on a donation basis" ... who would give money for that !

  • In_between_days

    Information control in it's full glory. What will become of JWZone now?

  • funkyderek

    Why doesn't the Watchtower Society make all its material available on the Internet? They already have it all on CD, right? It would save them a fortune (it's somehow costing them $20-$50 to produce those CDs) and the "truth" (ahem!) would be available to everyone with an Internet connection. Apostates wouldn't be able to lie about what was in a 1950s Watchtower, people could check it straight from the source? I wonder why they don't do that!

  • hungarian xjw
    hungarian xjw

    "distorted or exaggerated information"

    Then why distribut the "life forever" book in september?

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