WE HAVE PICTURES!!!! Green Bay Apsotafest!

by Valis 32 Replies latest jw friends

  • xenawarrior

    I DID NOT drink all of that- these Apostates of the "Witness Protection Class" drink like frickin fishes Heaven!!!!

    -Still lovin the new pic of you. Wondering what speed film "hubby" used to capture the "blonde" head roll mid- "roll".

    Many hugs your way -------


  • Solace

    Naughty Xenawarrior,(spank, spank)

    You are so silly, I said Val stole your drinkie pooh.

    Oh would we be dangerous together! So funny. We are gonna have blast when I come out there. If Id have known "everyone" was comming this weekend, I would have had the Packers rearrange their schedule.

  • Prisca

    Great pics, Valis. Very creative. And I never realised what an expressive face you have!

  • Valis

    Well I just finished cleaning up after the Green Bay Apostafest and boy..what a mess!! It seems crazy151drinker puked all over the couch. Good thing xenawarrior keep the original plastic on just like grandma used to. Englishman spilled several pints, but like a good chap got down and sucked it all out of the carpet. Beck_Melbourne was found in a rather comprimising position this morning slumped over the keyboard..her live pay per view porn chat was still rolling....Onacruise was caught in the act of onanism late last night with a picture of JanH in one hand and well...you can only guess what he was holding in the other...Megadude was found with a half empty bottle of merlot still trying to hit on Fredhall at 5:30AM....Simon and Angharad we so busted in the bathroom doing naughty things with the Truth book...I hope they get tested soon....eyegirl was found passed out in the front yard...again! Dakota Red was found half dressed or undressed reciting from the Revelation Book and showing us the pictures...Heavn and LB were found "scubaing in the back yard till all hours of the night....There are more secrets that cannot be revealed at this time...but soon..very soon...


    District Overbeer of the "cabana boy" class

  • Solace

    Oh Val, Always tellin everyones secrets!


    XenaW, Uhhhhh,,,, Maybe I wont sleep on the couch after all.

  • Tinkerbell4125

    LOL....too tooo funny!

    I LOVE a sense of humor.

  • eyegirl

    i am so happy i was privileged to enjoy the spoils of the ongoing green bay apostafest.....the beer was cold, the smokes were good and the company was great. what more can you ask for?

  • Nikita


  • LB

    Ummm maybe I need to stop drinking. Because if I scubaed Heaven I really would like to have a memory of it.

  • Solace

    L.B., Its o.k. Im always forgetting stuff. Maybe its our old age.

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