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  • Seeker4

    Amen, JT. Well said.

    How's school?


  • Undecided

    Some days I have hope and some days I don't, it depends on what I am working on at the time. As far as my eternal destiny, whether it's eternal nothingness, or somethingness, I don't have any hope either way.

    Ken P.

  • Liberty

    If a hope is totally unrealizable then it is just foolishness, perhaps even boardering on the insane. If I hope to become supreme master of the World able to control all people and resources in pursuit of my own desires then this is a false hope because all evidence indicates it will never happen. Being a JW presents a hope much the same. We convinced ourselves, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, that we would never grow old and die and that an imaginary invisible super being will kill 99.9% of the human population and give only us the Earth and all its resources forever.

    Even the very small chance that I can become a millionare by winning the lottery is much more real because we have evidence many times a year that this can happen. Becoming a rock star, movie star, sports star, inventor, or business tycoon have similar odds to the lottery but we have abundant evidence that all of these hopes are at least realizable. So far God has never kept people from growing old, nor has He destroyed the World and the only evidence sited for such "hopes" is from an old book which must be interpreted by men who claim God speaks through them and yet provide no evidence that such is the case.

    In short, I was temporarely insane when I held this hope and can't now ,for the life of me, even understand why I ever believed in such utter nonsense. This hope is gone. I say great! It was a foolish hope derived from nothing but the insane ravings of madmen. I can stop wasting my time wishing for something that will never come and devote my energy to little hopes that are at least possible. Maybe a nice loving mate, some children, and a comfortable life. These are all any of us can really hope for but at least there is abundant evidence that these things do sometimes happen. Turning into Superman or being a JW who survives Armageddon have about the same odds of happening according to the best evidence I've seen. So I think hard about that when laughing at the village idiot who runs around town in his towel cape trying to fly. I was that idiot once upon a time.

  • dsgal

    I figure,when the time comes,it will be between me and God.He is the reader of hearts,not time sheets.


    I know exactly where Hope is,because I have a map!..It`s a small town at the end of the Fraser Valley..LOL...OUTLAW

  • Darkhorse

    Hope can come in the form of many different meanings, etc. I have been through many dark moments as well as wonderful moments. I still have plenty of plans for as long as I may be alive.

    I am not a JW, and I do know one thing - no matter how bad things get for me - after learning about the JW religion - I would NEVER turn to it for HOPE, that is for sure.

  • Dismembered


    No way I hope to go on vaction real soon.



    I feel like a drifter, not sure where I am going. But I am sure I am not going back.

    I hope to find my faith or hope again. I am trying to keep my eyes open and explore new things, even just reading material about other religions and beleifs are there just for the looking. There is nothing that can be done to hurt me anymore whatever path I choose. Well, at least not by JW's, I am so afraid to be drawed to another wrong beleif or religion that I have a hard time beleiving anything anymore, even the existence of God. That is something the WT took from me, my faith, my hope and my trust. If there is a God I hope He understands this.I really want to believe in him and Jesus , but I have only been out a year and this must be some part of the recovery process, at least in my case. I hope to have hope again.

    Precisely, exactly, thoroughly my thoughts---word for every single word.


  • jst2laws

    YES! I have lost everything I have hoped in for 36 years.

    This is a depressing reality. We open our eyes for what ever reason and suddenly realize it was a fraud.

    But can that false hope be replaced? YES! Most here have gone on with their search for truth. Many have fallen from faith in the Watchtower back to simple reliance on the Bible. Others trust no one and believe nothing that cannot be proven.

    If you are asking am I drifting in hopelessness, NO, although that is what most of do for a while upon exiting.

    You can have HOPE, you just cant expect CERTAINTY. It just doesn't exist. If God gave us enough information for all things to answered with certainty there would be no reason for FAITH.

    I still like the old idea, FAITH, HOPE, AND LOVE! You cant beat that combination.


  • Blueblades

    MINIMUS,I am one who harbors doubts about some of what i have been led to believe is TRUTH, for over 33 years.SOREN KIERKEGAARD said,"No one is so terribly deceived as he who does not himself suspect it".I did not suspect that i was deceived for over 33 years by the wbts.So then, i dont know what my hope is anymore.I can only ask what one man asked of GOD, after much frustration over the years in his service to GOD.That man was NEHEMIAH.I concur with his words,NEHEMIAH 13:31"Do remember me,O my GOD for good. BLUEBLADES

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