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  • minimus

    One of the major reasons people get attracted to the JW's is because of their new found "HOPE". If you are disillusioned or are no longer a JW , do you feel that you still have hope? Or are you unsure, now, about alot of things?

  • Analysis

    I think the Jefferson Airplane stated it this way:

    "When the Truth is Found to be Lies, the Joy within you dies!"

  • patio34

    I lost my belief and the attendant hope it had. Just as a child, I lost my belief in Santa Claus and the hope of seeing him.

    Does this mean I've lost ALL hope? Hardly. Hope in what? I have hopes for a great many things. It's really rather a vague question: have you lost your hope? Hope in going to Europe? Hope in living a long and happy life? Hope in winning the lottery? Which hope?


  • LyinEyes

    I feel like a drifter, not sure where I am going. But I am sure I am not going back.

    I hope to find my faith or hope again. I am trying to keep my eyes open and explore new things, even just reading material about other religions and beleifs are there just for the looking. There is nothing that can be done to hurt me anymore whatever path I choose. Well, at least not by JW's, I am so afraid to be drawed to another wrong beleif or religion that I have a hard time beleiving anything anymore, even the existence of God. That is something the WT took from me, my faith, my hope and my trust. If there is a God I hope He understands this.I really want to believe in him and Jesus , but I have only been out a year and this must be some part of the recovery process, at least in my case. I hope to have hope again.

  • The_Bad_Seed

    No. I don't consider life as a hopeless plight. When I die, when the great 'perhaps' comes, I'll get whats coming to me.

  • Granny Linda
    Granny Linda

    Good topic for me this morning.

    I do not live in a state of hopelessness. There was a time though when my life seemed void of security. My own self esteem was up for scrunity, and I did not like what I saw. For me, it's never about one thing in particular...it was a hodgepodge of mixed emotions that created the whole. I was forced to find the wonder of it all by looking at the little things in my life that are abundent. Sorta like giving up my quest for the 'burning bush.' Everything we need is right before us.

    There are certainly times today that I wonder about the evilness that seems rampet worldwide...so I take a break from my studies and go back to work. Now, I find some of my greatest joy in observing people, and hope I've landed a part time job :) People somehow restore my "faith" in humanity dispite the truth of how mean spirited some are. They too are my teachers.

    Granny...who's motto is: "Don't let the bastards get you down."

  • Seeker4

    Way too vague a question, as others have pointed out. If by hope you mean something like faith - a belief that there is something out there bigger than all of us that is going to 'make everything OK, someday,' even though there is not a sherd of evidence for it - than I would have to say I have no hope or faith and good riddance to both of them.

    I choose to no longer live in a world of self-delusion.

    I choose to live a life of wonderful realities. The given is that, yes we live in a world of 'rampant evil' at the very same time that we live in a world of rampant goodness. START with that. Yes, the world is full of good and evil, ugliness and beauty, hope and despair, problems and solutions, bastards and saints. ACCEPT that, and then choose which parts of all this you're going to focus your life on. And it helps to understand that nothing is cut and dried, black and white - there can be beauty in ugliness, and some bastards are also saints.

    Then you'll see that this life, the only one you really know you have at the moment, is full of endless, wonderful possibilities. Enjoy them, and help others do the same.


  • JT


    i agree --to have a hope is wonderful , but if it is in make believe then pass me by

    the guys who hit the WTC on 9-11 had a hope of getting 74 tender virgin "Coochies" and i'm sure that hope have women feed them grapes while others fanned them with a cool breeze kept them going-

    as we speak there could be 4 female jw who are being systematically being raped by soldiers and as they lay there suffering this pain and indignity they too have a hope that "Jehovah"will save them and if not they look for to the New System where pain and suffering will no longer be-

    if these women were of another "christian" belief system they would be looking forward to being in heaven with the "LARD"-

    so hope is wonderful and has been known to keep people going despite hardship, but to find out in the end the hope was baseless is a cruel trick to pull on anyone.

  • Seeker4

    Amen, JT. Well said.

    How's school?


  • Seeker4

    Amen, JT. Well said.

    How's school?


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