Name Your Funniest Experience Out In Service

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  • minimus
  • minimus
  • Dismembered

    anymore MIn?

  • Scarlet

    The only thing that ever happend to me is a man had his window wide open and he was HOT and was getting out of the shower naked.

  • Mimilly

    Gawd these bring back memories. Ven - I broke into tears laughing at the pecker incident. Thanks for that!

    My stories are versions of what has already been shared except one. When someone mentioned cracking their head on the car getting in (or out) - ouch - memories! And the ice! The brothers had is so easy. Here the sisters were, in their 'dresses or skirts' and healed boots, sliding all over and landing... all over. Also had my share of dogs to deal with, mostly german sheperds. Sneaky creatures they are

    While I lived in Val Cartier, service was in French, so we had to try, learn etc. (damn near became bi-lingual there) It was all great until one sister, new, and during one of her first tries in french at the door, told the lady in french, that she was a prostitute. (householder, in disgust, slammed the door and we lost it) We spent the rest of the day at the coffee shop.

    s'all fer now.


  • blondie

    I remember hearing of a sister in my old congregation who would not heed her 4 year old son's request to go to the restroom. As she stood there talking to the householder, her son urinated into his mom's bookbag. That was a red-letter day for the householder!

  • siegswife

    LOL @ these stories.

    The only one I can remember is once when we were doing a book offer the guy at the door wasn't interested in the book, so I went in my bag to get a couple of mags to offer instead. As I pulled the mags out, a couple of marbles that belonged to one of my sons fell out onto the floor. I said, "Looks like I'm losing my marbles."

    Too bad I didn't realize then just how true those words were.

    The guy took the mags and started a study a month or so later (I had to turn him over to a brother, of course). I hope he never got baptized.

  • Dismembered

    Friends great experiences. Keep 'em coming

  • bikerchic

    Oh my I nearly peed myself reading some of these stories! I won't try to relate mine, nothing that great in reading but I did have several naked householders, one time I did a double dare and stayed there talking,talking,talking (you know us wimmen can talk!) while my door to door partner nearly fainted at the sight........bawaahhhaaaa. Only bad part is I had the mags up so as I really didn't get a good view at him.....sigh! ;o\


  • minimus

    O.K. This is my 3rd time trying to post this stupid experience (evidently I had too many posts). I was about 17 and I was preaching in a 3 floor tenement building. I went up the stairs to the next apartment. But I was actually in a woman's bedroom. She saw me and she screamed. Then I screamed. She said I'm going to call the police. I said (to let her know that I didn't realize what I was doing), that I was a Jehovah's Witness. She yelled, GET OUT. and I did as fast as I could..........(.see, at 17 I didn't realize what I was doing.)

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