WT Attacks Being 'Easygoing' October,1,02 WT

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  • twain30

    The Pharisees were anything but Easygoing, they scrupulously observed all sorts of man made regulations and were sure to hold whoever they didn't like to the lettter of the law. When the Society prints a whole article against being Easygoing they're really saying, "Forget about being open minded, forget about being tolerant, forget about being long-suffering, and forget about being slow to accuse.

    Instead they're opening the door for more pickiness.

  • gumby

    does anyone remember a C.O., D.O. named Angelo Manera

    Oh ya! I remember him well. He was a cocky little shit, He served as a D.O. in the Phoenix AZ. circuit for a while which is where I was.

  • AGuest

    Peace to you all!

    For Hebrew, you would need to consult an interlinear version of the Bible, which has either Hebrew and/or Greek... and the English translation (to the best of its ability). There are several, but one good one can be found here:


    Not "children" per se, meaning infantile, but children/childlike meaning open-minded, willing to hear, listen and learn (from him), more loving, kinder, purer in thought ... you know, all that stuff children somewhat tend to be... after that "terrible two's" stage... before we get ahold of them and start trying to make them think, look and "act like"... "adults"?

    Someone asked a question... can you not 'hear' the answer? Truly, it is VERY... ummm... "easygoing" (simple).

    Peace to you!

    A slave of Christ,


  • Lieu

    Amazing, several definitions to one word and the WBTS picks the only one that holds a negative connotation.

  • outoftheorg

    My wife is a nurse and I read in a recent publication of medicine that a person with an easy going personality has less health problems and will live longer than one with a driven approach to things.

    Lets see. wbts or medical profession? Wow what a hard decision. I think I will go with the medical profession. Yeah! screw the wbts.

  • Room 215
    Room 215

    So what passes for the brain-trust at Brooklyn has scuttled ``easy-going?'' Add this to latest inanity to their enormous pile of nutty notions, along with the ban on ``good luck'' ``God bless you,'' etc. With all the p.r. troubles besetting them, their chronology in tatters and their spiritual paradise looking more shopworn with every passing day, this is what occupies them? Seems a bit like the intellectual equivalent of fiddling while their imaginary Shanrgri-La burns down.

    The irony is that among the full-time servant clas of JWs, many if not most of the Ivory Tower Bethelites are the most notorius slackers when to comes to lifting the burdens of field service and meeting attendance they so readily pile onto the backs of drones in the local congregations. At Brooklyn and Patterson, ``taking it easy'' has been elevated to the status of fine art far more than the naive local dubbies can imagine.

  • Dove

    It will be interesting to see how the Watchtower translates this "easygoing" into Finnish. A direct translation of the positive aspects of easygoing would be "huoleton". Literally, "without (undue) worry". Whereas a direct translation of the negative aspects of easygoing would be "huolimaton". Literally, "careless".

  • ISP

    A lot of the pioneers I knew were 'easy going'...they knew how to count time!!!!!!!!!


  • Witch Child
    Witch Child

    Just before I left one congregation to attend another they had a big stupid talk on how dubs shouldn't say "take it easy!" The point was dubs shouldn't take it easy, they should be busy busy busy selling mags, attending meetings, studying and above all converting NEW drones into the hive!!!!!



  • Tinkerbell4125

    It's just more of their mind control bullshit. Nothing new!

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