Most unhypocritical religion which one?

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    Well, if asking this question, why limit it to just those that "follow the Bible"? Why follow any supposedly "holy" book?

    Secular Humanism:

    - To promote education, understanding and development of the principles of Humanism;
    - To defend and promote policies and practices consistent with these principles;
    - To provide opportunities for Humanist service, study and socializing;
    - To lend assistance to other organizations when their objectives coincide with ours;
    - To offer and provide members and non-members with meaningful, dignified ceremonies, free of supernatural implications, at significant times such as marriage and death.

    I am not involved with Humanism, but they do have a website:

  • kenpodragon

    The religion with the least hypocrites ... atheist

  • Farkel

    : Most unhypocritical religion which one?

    Mine. You don't have any teachings to follow, so you can't be hypocritical about my teachings. You just send me your money. All of it.

    I detest hypocrites and didn't want to start a religion that will encourage them. Better to a broke believer who's not a hypocrite, than a rich believer who's a hypocrite.

    So send me all your money and deeds to all your property and I will send you a nice, xeroxed copy of your membership certificate and you will never have to worry about being a hypocrite again. Surely, that's more precious to you than money!


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  • professor

    Religion is a snare and a racket.

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