Most unhypocritical religion which one?

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  • haujobbz

    Think about it when you chose to become a jw why did you choose that belief.

    Was it because you witnessed there good works or there following the scriptures closely or even there so called similarity to 1st century christians.

    When i think about it, i didnt really witness these things it was the books i studied which told me this because if i had really looked closely at the activities and jw roots i would of realised they werent the pure religion they claimed to be.Now i think about it why didnt i take my study more serious not just reading what the jws gave me but looking to outside sources for more information, im really gutted i didnt do this now.

    I mean did i look at other beliefs to see how they functioned nope i just believed the books i studied and that was it and i thought i wasnt gullible.

    So now in the situation most of us are in today if you were to look at most religious christian beliefs today which would you say follows the bible closely and imitates the 1st century christians the closest,sticks to gods and christ teachings closely.

    Also have any of you thought about joining another faith and which one?

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    yes, but to say so would put a 'bulls-eye' right on my forehead and I don't feel like expending the energy right night in the typing I would have to do to defend my choice.

    Let me just say...when checking out a chuch, get to know the people within the congregation just as much as the doctrine. IMHO

  • LuckyLucy

    Unhypocritcal Religion=Oxymoron

  • ThiChi

    I agree with Brother R. Franz: "It is the Christian Faith that is true, not any one religion."

  • Faraon

    Yes, I plan to have faith in myself.

    Actually, I am now an ordained priest of The Universal Church Triumphant of the Apathetic Agnostic.

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  • Satanus

    Within the parameters that you set, i would say the pentacostals are the closest. They can be wild and wierd, but then 1st century christianity was wild and wierd. Yup, pentles it is, seriously. They have hypocracy though, as did the primal christians.

    There are different flavors of pentles. You may wonder which one is closest. If you study primal christianity, you will find different strains of it existed, since it's beginning. So, the different pentle streams match that aspect as well.


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  • haujobbz

    Re: thichi

    Ok if we hadnt read raymond franz books and look at this question in a relative way would you pick a religion then, i take it you were a jw b4 so you obviously believed in looking to religious groups to follow.

    I do agree that true christian faith isnt any religion but is more down to individuals worshipping god.

    I have heard a few say they think the quakers follow 1st century christians more than anyone else even though i dont know what they believe in, i didnt even know they were christians i thought they didnt believe in christ.

  • Mary

    Unfortunately, there's hypocrisy in all religions simply because you have imperfect people in all religions. No one can be "good" and "stay on the straight and narrow" all the time, it's just not in our nature. We all have done bad things, have bad thoughts and I can guarantee you that 99.99% of the men in ANY religion (I didn't include Fred Hall as he probably doesn't know what a woman is), including the Dubs, have at one time or another "looked at a woman with passion in [their] hearts". And the same is true for women when they see a good looking guy.

    Of course, there are the more obvious forms of hypocrisy that you see presently in the Catholic Church, and the JWs regarding child molestation. This is not just "a sin", it's a serious crime and you've got so-called "spiritual men" covering it up. How anyone can go and sexually abuse a child, and then get up there are have the nerve to PREACH to anyone else about THEIR sins, is hypocrisy at it's worst.

    Seeing at Witnesses are probably amongst the most judgemental religious group around, then I'd have to say that they also must stand out as one of the most hypocritical too.

  • haujobbz

    Just out of curiousity does pental mean pentecost?

    I didnt know different strains existed.

    Also did you know all this b4 you were a jw

  • haujobbz

    Mary i do agree that they are a very judgmental religion,i mean do followers really test all the propaganda there taught by the jws, at the time i was a jw i had a very negative view of any other religion due to what i was taught.

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