worst JW introductions

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  • Wren

    "We're here with our two nickel Bible aids" was a favorite with JWs that hated long presentations.

  • Hmmm

    A friend and I were working with two sisters, switching partners throughout the morning. The two girls wanted to work together (so they could talk about us) which left us two guys to trudge to the doors.

    We were joking about alternate ways of offering the magazines. We were laughing together and I said "Why don't we just cut the chit-chat and say--" [at this point the householder whips open the door] "--Watchtower and Awake, fifty cents!"

    She didn't buy them. Go figure.


  • Englishman

    Guten Morgan mein liebling!

    Ich haber der "Vaktarnet und Wakey wakey" mit ze Biblen. Und armageddon donner und blitzen, von dedder und ze doornail und becomen ein Witnesses mit mein. Ein neighbours blasten ein Jehovah dakka dakka dakka mit ze Focker und ze blitzkreig. Vo ist der happy folk? Mit ze Biblen study baptizen und 6 months or Auf Wiedersehn Baby!

    Hemann Bustenholder.

  • haujobbz

    Hello my name is ????? and this is ???????? were jeh!!!!!! slammmmmmmmmmm.

    Hi were offering these bible based !!!!!!!!!! !!!!k">[email protected]>k [email protected]!!!!!!!!!.slammmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • LB

    I wasn't good at the door, but if I practiced I was worse.

    Good grief, what horrible memories. I hated the door. I enjoyed some of the car groups, but the doors sucked. Usually I'd try to be friendly and ask local info stuff like "seen any elk". I sucked.

  • StinkyPantz

    "Hi my name is Bridget and this is Sister Pioneer, and we are talking to your neighbors about a life saving message."


  • ballistic

    I thought I was original being a pioneer and all that but I still cringe now.

    The question "are you Jehovah's Witnesses?" was always replied to by a big, loud sister in our congregation with the statement, "WE HAVE THAT PRIVILAGE". The door still closed but I guess she felt better for it.

  • Dismembered

    Hi we were in your neighborhood w/ these magazines, (W&A) you don't want them do you?

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  • StinkyPantz

    lol @ dismembered

  • LB

    Actually dismembered's intro was close to a buddy's of mine. He would go to the door and said "we have magazines, they're free".

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