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  • bigfloppydog

    I love food talk

    I love bacon, it is great cooked and put in a ceasar salad.

    I love bacon with eggs (over easy)

    The two "B's" togeather, bacon in a burger. Yum

    Bacon on a english muffin, with cheese, toasted under the broiler.

    This is soooo not good for the arteries, but great for the taste-buds.

  • larc

    Folks, we have covered a lot of ground here. We have listed the delights of bacon. We have discussed the pros and cons of thick versus thin bacon. The subject of the degree of doneness was well covered. Now, let me bring in a new dimension, the subject of bacon grease. Do you use it in cooking? Before the days of the microwave, I used to like popping pop corn in bacon grease. It gave a nice flavor and just the right amount of saltiness, for my taste.


    Dam you larc!More talk of food .LOL..I like thickly cut, sweet maple,smoke cured bacon..I am now taking a breakfast break and it`s your fault..LOL...OUTLAW

  • meat pie
    meat pie

    OOOOh BACON, yes, yummy .We had liver and bacon casserole tonight with pork and leek sausages.

    Best of all I love real smoked back bacon, crispy or floppy. in a sandwich with either egg( nearly hard) or tomato and lots of black pepper.

    Please can someone tell me what is grits?

    I DO dig on swine.

  • BluesBrother

    Someone's got to say it.

    pity the poor piggy . Force fed ,kept in crates to put on weight to make the farmer rich.

    Mind it is was delicious , the only kind of meat I still miss .

    Ever tried veggie imitation bacon?

    Yuk ! a pale imitation.

  • AGuest

    Can't do bacon grease anymore, larc... the tummy (and blood sugar) just can't handle it. So... my greens and beans are cooked with smoked turkey (umm-umm good!). And when I DO cook bacon, I BROIL it (even more umm-umm good!), with a "drip pan" underneath to catch the fat, which I just throw out. For those who like CRISPY, FLAT bacon, broiling does it... every time. Just be careful to turn it once, and watch it so's it don't burn up fast!

    Anybody like oinons in the potatoes/home fries? How 'bout apples 'n onions wit real bacon bits? Oh, lordy...



    P.S. I also LOVE liver, too, MeatPie... but had to stop eating it after my "liver lovin'" doctor told me its function... and resultant contents. Ya oughta check that out...

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  • simwitness


    Anybody like oinons in the potatoes/home fries?

    Add some green/red bell peppers and there ya go!

    How 'bout apples 'n onions wit real bacon bits?

    That is a combo I had not thought of, but now that you mention it, it sounds oh so good... care to elaborate on the prep?

  • RN

    Bacon grease---

    An absolute MUST for seasoning beans & peas. Also, cornbread (not that yellow sweet Yankee stuff) wouldn't be the same without it. :-)


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  • AGuest

    "APPLES 'N ONIONS" (my father, who used to cook mah-ve-lous-ly taught me...)

    Some apples... say, about six medium... any kind, depending on how "sweet" you want the end result... peeled and "chunked", like potatoes

    Some onions... one medium yellow (or, if you prefer, about one cup sweet vidalia or green), chopped

    Some bacon... thick slab and, say, about six slices... crisped (so, for me, that means broiled), crumbled...

    Bacon drippings (grease)

    Cook like you would "smothered" potatoes, cabbage, squash:

    1. Heat drippings (or leave on heat after cooking...)

    2. Add onions and "carmelize" slightly

    3. Add potatoes and 1/4 cup water

    4. Cover and simmer until soft

    5. If desired, remove cover toward end of cooking and let "brown", you know, like hash browns...

    NOTE: You can do this with potatoes and just add an apple or two...

    Bon Appetit!!

    SJ, who hasn't had lunch yet and so really is getting hungry now...

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  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    Please can someone tell me what is grits?


    GRITS is a Southern staple, in fact it's kind of hard to find it served in a restaurant outside of the South. I lived in Texas for a month and I had it almost every day served with breakfast...I LOVE IT, but I don't know what it comes from.

    It's a starch, has the consistancy of a cereal, and is served hot. I liked it served with a little butter, salt and pepper. The closest thing I can think of is Cream of Wheat cereal, but 'grittier'. I leave it to my esteem countrymen of the noble South to fill in the blanks.

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