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  • heathen

    there's hot cakes and bacon ,frenchtoast and bacon and one of my favorites grill cheese with bacon .Don't forget fillet mignon.

  • bitter mango
    bitter mango

    MMMmMMm fatty, nasty bacon *slurp*

  • larc

    Well, to further pursue this serious subject, do you like your bacon thick or thin? Do you like it lightly cooked or dark and crispy. I like it thin and crispy. Scarlet, we don't like your kind commin round here tellin bacon ain't no good. Just joking. You can't like what you don't like.

  • aluminutty

    A bit of a contest, Lark, if you don't mind?
    Who can ID this bit of lyric?

    "They have prewrapped sausages. . . but they don't have prewrapped bacon. . . Can you blame them? . . . Yeah!"

    The winner shall be mensioned in a fluf post I'm considering.

    Here's a hint, look a bit north of ham.

  • AGuest

    Greetings... and peace to you all!

    I like the kind of bacon I had when a child: thick, sweet (maple-y) and with "rind" still on the end. (You know, that tough, sometimes crunchy "edge"? LOVED that!). Can't seem to find it out here in Cali anymore, though (mah folks wuz frum da sout'). Can find the thick stuff... but no rind. Ah, well...

    And did someone say GRITS! Please tell me you mean the smooth, creamy kind that take, what 20 minutes, and not that "instant" stuff (although Albers "Quik" Grits can suffice if there's no alternative...)?

    SJ, wishing ya'll peace... tellin' mah gut to 'hushup'... and on my own (of course)

  • larc

    Scarlet, they ain't being no need to be a deletin yo thread. Yo hav the right to a opinion, don't ya know? Juss cause ya don't like bacon, don't make ya a bad person.

  • SPAZnik

    larc...u r my hero for doin' whutcha can 2 help put this place bacon track.


  • Farkel

    : so I thought I would start one on bacon

    Killing pigs and eating them is a moral travesty, larc. They should only be eaten alive. Every moment of life is precious, even if you are a meal in your last moments.

    See the movie "Hannibal" for a reference. Be sure to bring chips and dip.

    You sicko.


  • Princess

    Random Task, did you say but bacon? How gross is that?

    I only cook bacon on Christmas. It gets inhaled along with my gingerbread waffles. YUM. the waffles, not the bacon...bacon is gross.


  • larc

    Farkel, I know you have a steel trapped mind and your logic appears to be impecteble, but is it Bible based?

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