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  • Farkel

    Brother larc,

    : Farkel, I know you have a steel trapped mind and your logic appears to be impecteble, but is it Bible based?

    Well, yes it is but it is no longer Bible-Based(tm). The WTS already holds the trademark on that and you could delete my posts for claiming otherwise!


  • Robdar

    If you like it with eggs, which is pretty much a given, try it along with grits and melted cheese

    Yes, it is delicious. Dakota, I haven't had grits since I moved north. Now I am home sick.

  • DakotaRed

    Robyn, your store should carry them. Of course, real grits are hard to come by out of the south. But, Albers Quick Grits work alright. Anything besides Instant Grits, YUCK!

    LOL, we can tell all the Southerners, can't we?

    Lew W

  • Been there
    Been there

    Thin & Crispy

    BLT's are great, hold the lettuce.

    A good one to try is bacon and peanut butter on toast. Yummmmmmmmm.

  • Prisca

    When I make Caesar Salad, I chop the bacon into tiny pieces, fry them up and once cooled, spinkle them over the top of the salad.

    I also like BLT and fried bacon with scrambled eggs. The bacon has to be thin - the thinner the better.

  • Dia

    Spaghetti Carbonara (creamy, cheesy sauce with bits of bacon, or Italian bacon [pancetta] and herbs), Lithuanian Kugelis (potato pudding with sour cream and apple sauce), Chicken Cacciatore (with mushrooms, tomatoes and bacon), German lentil soup with bacon, apple souffle with bacon, bacon buns (sweet yeast dough, filled with stewed bacon and onions), fresh spinach salad with hot bacon dressing, London Broil stuffed with goat cheese and wrapped in bacon, Rumaki (chicken liver appetizers wrapped in bacon), bacon waffles (they're really good!).

    Now I'm hungry!

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  • Scully

    <<<<A bit of a contest, Lark, if you don't mind?
    Who can ID this bit of lyric?
    "They have prewrapped sausages. . . but they don't have prewrapped bacon. . . Can you blame them? . . . Yeah!"

    The winner shall be mensioned in a fluf post I'm considering.>>>>

    Artists: Barenaked Ladies
    Title: If I Had a Million Dollars

    Love, Scully
    Not a Real Green Dress, That's Cruel Class

  • orangefatcat

    bacon ,bacon, bacon, bacon ,bacon, bacon ,bacon, bacon!

    yummy, yummy, for the tummy!

    bring it on, BLT, Pizza, Eggs, Potatoes, Salads, On its own, Waffles, Pancakes, what ever you make, this cool cat can gobble it down. And it must be crisp but not burnt. Savour the flavour, there is nothing like,

    B A C O N !!!!!!!!

  • Jesika

    I love bacon as long and it is crunchy and not all fat. I had turkey bacon and it was good---no grease at all. I also like canadian bacon on pizza, and bacon bits on salad and baked potatoes.

  • Mulan

    Chopped REAL bacon (not those crunchy fake bits) and a little of the bacon grease on cooked greens: spinach, chard or beet greens. Really yummy.

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