Oprah Awards $50,000 to Silent Lambs

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  • sf

    -Email confirmed 'Delivered' just now and sent a thank you from auto-reply-


  • Kenneson

    Consider it done. I just turned my nomination in.

  • deddaisy
  • abbagail

    Greetings Folks & a HUGE THANK YOU for going to the Oprah link and filling out the nomination form! This is great if Oprah hears from more than just lil 'ol me re: nominating Silent Lambs/Bowen, et al. We already know Oprah DOES have the "guts" to expose RELIGIOUS sex abuse (since she did a full show on the C.Church already). So, personally, I don't see how she can ignore Silent Lambs for much longer, you know?

    Individual THANKS to:

    Outnfree, and yes, I'm glad you put in two plugs, as I did the same, i.e., that if for whatever reason SL/BB did not get the Life Award, that she PLEASE do an hour-show on this subject alone. I wrote that we really needed her help getting this information out to the public. And since I know she has nieces/nephews, etc., I ended it with a PS to Oprah: "The WTS allows pedophiles to go door-to-door in the preaching work. How would you like them to show up at the door of your nieces one Saturday morning?" (I was hoping that would really "get her goat" enough to do a show about it).

    Thanks also to SixOfNine: LOL! on the "obey" comment! Glad you guys can see my humor! ;) As far as this coming true, as the saying goes, "You never know unless you ask." So it is worth a shot, eh?

    Thanks to Joannadandy: Loved your humor, too! LOL! You guys make me laugh! Thanks!

    Thanks to Outlaw! Glad you like the idea. I am a wee bit saddened that out of 661 who have read this Topic (as of Tues. 8-20-02, 8:30 pm), we only had 10 participants. Well, maybe some others did actually go and nominate B.Bowen/SL, but just didn't say so here. We can always hope! Also, I think not all members on this forum are totally into the Silent Lambs cause. It takes all kinds of people, and different causes ignite a spark in different people's hearts. So I understand that, too. Thanks again Outlaw!

    Freedomhouse3! Teeheeee :-) on your "inflation" comment! Cute! Thanks for your support and participation! Much appreciated!!

    Ahhh, Jesika, Thanks girl! and thanks for sharing what you wrote. Mine was too lengthy to post (BBowen had already given me permission to send Sheila's DA letter to Oprah, so I included that, too, and the web-form DID "absorb" the lengthy submission, as I got two "confirmation replies," one via email, and one from the website. And the website also says they promise to read ALL SUBMISSIONS, so at least we all know we will be "heard," even if not winning the nomination in the end. ----- And, no, Jesika, I did not yet post this to the Silent Lambs Guestbook. It was/is my intention to do so, but I pooped out before I did. I will look there tonight to see if you posted it there already. Thanks again!!!

    Hello SF and Thank You!!! for including in your Oprah note the direct link to the SL March info. I did mention it in mine, too, but I didn't think to include the actual link, so that was a good idea!

    Thank You Kenneson!!! for participating! Much appreciated! (I'm thinking you are in the same neck of the woods as me, because I've seen in other threads you post info from the news in Central Florida. I'm to the east/ocean!)

    And, as of this posting, thanks also to deddaisy! I'm assuming you wrote Oprah, since there is an asterisk!

    Great Job Gang If anybody really hears back from The Oprah Show, please do let us know!


  • mpatrick

    I thought this was a great idea! I thought I would bring it back up for anyone that might have missed it.

  • Sam Beli
    Sam Beli


  • abbagail

    Heeeey, mpatrick & sambeli! Thanks for the btt! I was shocked just now when I saw the thread back on Page 1 of "ACTIVE" topics. I know it had drifted all the way back to page 4 or 5, so I figured it was a "done deal."

    Jesika did post it to the SL Guestbook, and I think there were about 4 or 5 people there who said they also went to the Oprah site and "nominated" B.Bowen/SL. So, overall, that's more than a dozen writing within a two-day time span, not bad??? (Of course, a few 100 writing in would really do the trick, but what can you do...)

    I would think it would be frowned upon to btt it myself now and then, or is it? Not sure what the forum "etiquette" is for something like that. Lemme know, and I'll "btt" this topic once a day if that is allowed???! ;-)

    Thanks again sam & mp!


    Hey Grits,this thread is worthy of a BTTT...OUTLAW

  • LyinEyes

    I just made my nomination for Bill. I also suggested she have him on her show.

  • abbagail

    Thanks LyinEyes for joining in!

    And Outlaw, I'm with you on that. Yesterday afternoon, the Oprah show was a repeat of past Award Recipients and their stories, and even tho all were noble causes, they pale in comparison (imo) to the importance of the Silent Lambs issue.


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