What's your favorite kitchen..........

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  • scootergirl

    Wow Scully........you get an "A++" for presentation......pictures and all!

    I have the large measuring bowl from Tupperware and also the smaller one. Aren't they great?! One year for Christmas, I purchased the large bowl, filled it w/a sac of wildrice pancake mix and a bottle of real maple syrup. Was a neat gift I have to admit!

    I have a few of the tupperware storage containers, but my favorite has to be my clear glass, old fashioned looking square containers w/the metal screw on lid. Very nostalgic looking! If I could, I would have a very old fashioned looking kitchen!

  • Mulan

    I love Tupperware too. I buy most of mine on eBay............much cheaper than the old parties, or the kiosks at the mall.

    I think the older Tupperware is better than some of the newer pieces though. Some of the new ones don't keep bugs out. The old ones do. Must be the seals. Duh!

  • scootergirl

    Speaking of tupperware............almost embarrassed to admit this BUT...

    I frequent our local Goodwill store. We have a huge (I mean HUGE) distribution center here in Duluth. You can spend all day in there and still not see everything. Anyway, they have a bunch of bins w/tupperware in it...for the low low priceo of [email protected]! Can you believe it?! I search for the "like new" stuff.....I have gotten tupperware that looks like it is new-never used!

    Also, thrift stores are great for buying canning jars! I can alot (let me stress ALOT) and am always picking up new jars. Usually I buy them at Walmart and spend anywhere between $7-12 depending on the size. Our Goodwill sells them for [email protected]! Many need to be cleaned up-but you sterilize them first anyway! My last visit I purchased 200 pint and quart size jars! Two shopping carts full! LOL

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